Setup for Internal Approvals for Sales Orders

Do you require Internal Approval for your Sales Order? Here are the simple steps on how we can configure this feature in Striven.

Employee Configurations

  1. Navigate to the employee you wish to require an internal approval process for in regards to sales orders
    a. The employee can be found by going to Employees - List and searching accordingly

  2. Once in the employee record, navigate to the tab “Sales Order Approval Setting”

  3. Make sure “No Limit” is unchecked

  4. Determine also if you would like to have enabled “Quote approval for sales orders with negative/0 line items”

    a. This will require approval on sales orders that have a negative quantity or $0 in the line items

  5. Save & Close


Employee Permission Configuration

  1. You will need to remove the permission “Sales Orders - Approve” from the restricted employees’ user role

    a. User Roles can be edited by navigating to Employees - Security - Roles

  2. Select the user role you wish to edit and use the search option to find the above-mentioned permission

  3. Make sure the permission is unchecked

  4. Save & Close


Sales Order Type Configurations

  1. Navigate to your Sales Order Types within the Settings

    a. This can be found by going to Company - Settings and then on the side menu navigate to Accounting - AR - Sales Orders - Sales Order Types

  2. You will need to have contract managed turned on for your sales order by checking “Turn on contract managed”

    a. Note: If sales orders have already been created with the selected type, you may need to create a new sales order type

  3. With the approval methods, by choosing Verbal, there is no need to grant access to your customer for the Portal


Creating a Sales Order

  1. When the employee who has their access restricted as instructed above creates a sales order, they will be prompted to select a reviewer to review the sales order
  2. The reviewer selected will receive a notification and can then approve the order verbally


If you need assistance setting up your Internal Approvals for Sales Orders, contact Striven Support and we will be happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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