How to Control Access for Independent Sales Reps

Scenario: A Striven Subscriber wants to provide system access to Independent Sales Reps for only their assigned Customers. Here’s how this can be accomplished.

There are two (2) areas of access that should be configured; User Role Permissions and CRM Settings.

User Role Permissions
For Employees that should have access to ALL Customers, the Subscriber will need to ensure that they have the “Customers/Vendors - Access All” permission included in their User Role. The Independent Sales Reps (ISR) should have all the permissions that make sense for them to have, such as Projects, Sales Orders, etc., but should not have the “Customers/Vendors - Access All” permission in their User Role.

CRM Settings
Once the ISR’s User Role has been created, the Subscriber can navigate to the Company CRM Settings wherein they can check the box to Allow Security to be Configured per Customer/Vendor Based on Assignments. This will activate the security feature that will limit access to Customer’s/Vendor’s financial information based on which Employees are assigned to them.

Then, the Subscriber can go to the Assignments page of the specific Customers they want a particular ISR to have access to and check the box to Limit Access to this Customer/Vendor Based on Assignments Below.

Lastly, the Subscriber will add the ISR as an Assignment to the selected Customers and click Save.

image (27)

Now the Independent Sales Rep should not have access to any Customers/Vendors in the system if they are not assigned to them. This will help protect the financial transactions and other related information from being viewed by unauthorized Employees.

Special Thanks to @dmusser for bringing this question up and allowing us the opportunity to help him and others to utilize Striven with Independent Sales Reps.