PayPal Account-Setup/track in Striven

Hello Community! What would your recommendations be for setting up PayPal accounts (which are horrible to reconcile)? Some of the transactions are debited straight from our bank account, others off credit card and others off the balance as we receive commission payments in the PayPal account. Suggestions?

Cheryl, what a wonderful question! =) I’m thrilled to share some good news with you – our Stripe integration is coming soon, and it will offer a wide array of payment options. To ensure a seamless integration and accounting process, I strongly advise you to consult with your accountant. They can provide guidance on how to properly enter these transactions into Striven, ensuring that the approach aligns with your specific accounting procedures within your business.
I would recommend speaking with your accountant about how they would recommend your situation with PayPal.
I hope this information helps! If you have any questions please reach out to Striven Support.

Have a great day!
Dennis LeCompte
Striven Help Desk Specialist

Thanks Dennis! Yes, we are ready for Stripe to be implemented. We only have one client that insists on PayPal and then there are some vendors that only use PayPal, I know, we need to get everyone into Striven, LOL! (for real). I appreciate your help.