Cash Register Integration

We are just getting ready to go live with the hearth edition of Striven. Super excited. One thing that our cc processor and the Striven team is working on is how to utilize a cash drawer and cc receipt printer for a “quick sale”. In addition to our installation/service team, we also have a retail portion of our business. Quite often, we have customers come in and buy things off the shelf and we want to make this easy and efficient. I appreciate any experiences you all have out there.

Hi JK,

With Striven you can utilize our Sales Receipts which allows you to create essentially the invoice and payment as one transaction type called Sales Receipts. Cash drawers can be handled outside of Striven, for example using a Google Sheet to help with the cash counting, etc.

As early as Quarter 2 of 2023, next year, we are looking at adding card swiping integration into Striven which may be helpful for you as well. :slight_smile:

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When creating your sales receipt template put what you want in the format and then when you go to print shrink the % down in the print dialogue screen to like 50 percent and it will print correctly. Might have to work through it a bit to get it to scale. We use a star printer.

We use a stand alone cc machine and then choose the payment type created for sales receipts vs the CC feature in striven. Use the memo field for the authorization # and it works well for a busy POS environment.

We don’t have a powered drawer so not sure on that one but POS in striven has been great for us.


Thanks for that input, @AshleyCrest ! Glad to hear it has been helpful.

Hi Ashley, we are using a star printer as well. What have you found to work well for print format? I can’t seem to figure out a good solution that works well to show items, pricing, totals etc

If you want to give me a call tomorrow I can show you our setup.

here is a screen shot of our template.

Yes, that would be wonderful!! What time is good for you?

Thank you so much!

I’m free anytime today just give me a call 410-256-7802.

Hello, Ashley! ( @AshleyCrest )

Thank you for your contribution and response to Dustin ( @dustin )! We love to see our Striven Community coming together to share ideas and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Dustin ( @dustin ),

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