Q1 2024 Release Notes - 3/24/2024

In This Release… Click here for a video overview of new features

Innovative Additions to Striven

Stripe Integration

We are thrilled to announce our new Stripe Integration! Enable and configure the Stripe Integration with Striven to streamline payments, accept more options, and simplify your finances. Watch this video for a quick overview and visit our Stripe Integration Guide for easy setup.

Multiple API Keys

Striven will now have options for adding multiple API Keys to your Striven subscription! This will allow you to configure additional API Keys to scale up your usage limits. For more details, visit the API Settings Integration Guide.

Task Signatures

With this release, we have added the ability to capture an E-signature at the time of a Task’s approval or completion. To learn about configuring and implementing Task Signatures, visit the Task Management Guide for more information.

Helpful Links

We are delighted to introduce the new Helpful Links feature in Striven! These links will direct you to User Guides, Striven Community Posts, videos, and other useful resources related to the page you are viewing in Striven. These convenient links will be accessible from the Gear icon or Kebab menu in the top right corner of pages in Striven.

Edit Manufactured Items in an Item Build

Have you ever been creating an Item Build for a Manufactured Item in Striven and wished you could edit the components of the Manufactured Item? Well, now you can! This game-changing new feature will allow you to edit the components of a Manufactured Item during the build process. Please view our Item Management Guide for further details!

Set a Default Dashboard for New Users

We have a practical new feature allowing users to set a default custom Dashboard that will display for all new users. Read more about this handy new feature in our Company Setup Guide .

Accounting Updates

Assign Person Responsible for GL Accounts

There have been some additions made on the Chart of Accounts in this release. We have added the ability to assign a person responsible for each GL Account in Striven. View the details in the Accounting Setup Guide.

Updates to the Tax Liability Report

The Tax Liability Report has been redesigned so that it is based off of GL Postings to allow you to view it on an Accrual or Cash basis. Please review our Accounting Setup Guide for more details about this update.

Tax Code Import Validation

Now when you run a Tax Code Import in Striven, there is a validation process in place that will not allow duplicate Tax Codes. The import will fail if any duplicate Tax Codes are found in the import file.

Removed Filter from Sales Order List Search

We have deprecated the Include Child Order filter from the Sales Order List Search in favor of the Include Change Order filter for more efficient results.

New Print Invoice Queue Filters

The Print Invoice Queue has received two (2) new filters: a Memo search field and checkbox for Include All Invoices.

Using the Memo search filter will allow you to search for text matching the data within the Memo field of an Invoice.

When selected, the Include All Invoices filter will display all Invoices, including those already printed, and Invoices without the To Be Printed option checked at the Invoice level.

Print Limit on Print Invoices Queue, Print Checks Queue, & Generate Finance Charge Invoices Pages

In order to maintain performance efficiency of Striven, we have added a limit to the number of Invoices/Checks that can be printed in a single batch. Users will be able to select up to 100 per batch for the Print Invoice Queue, Print Checks Queue, and Generate Finance Charge Invoices Queue.

The page size defaults to view 100 Invoices per page, and will allow for the selection of multiple Invoices over multiple pages.

There will be a message displayed at the top of the list that identifies the limit allowed for selection for a single print batch. If more than the limit is selected, the message will change to identify how many are selected and remind the user of the limit. This will also cause the action buttons on the page to not function until the number of selected Invoices is reduced to or below the limit.

Once the selected Invoices are queued for processing, the list will reload the remaining Invoices that are marked To Be Printed.

Display Vendor Name for Unbilled Items When Adding to Invoices

When selecting Unbilled Items to add to an Invoice, the Vendor’s name will now display with the Bill #. This will be applicable for Unbilled Items, but not Time Entries or Expenses added to an Invoice.

Tracking # on Sales Orders Visible on the Portal

Now Customers will be able to view Tracking Numbers on Sales Orders in the Customer Portal. Additionally, if the appropriate URL is provided in the Shipping Method settings for the selected carrier, Customers will also be able to click on the Tracking Number on the Sales Order in the Portal to be directed to the carrier’s tracking website.

Price Increase Logic Adjustment

We have updated the logic to exclude any Change Orders with an effective date in the future that coincides with or comes after the effective date of the Price Increase Order.

Collections Updates

New Merge Field in Collections Email

You’ll find a new merge field in the Collections email notice for Past Due Balance.

Contact Management Updates

Contact Info Card Updates

We’ve made some changes to the appearance and function of our Contact Info Cards in Striven. Please visit our Contact Management Guide for further details.

Customer/Vendor Locations Updates

Added Tax Code to the Locations Import

Striven has the ability to add a Tax Code when adding Locations to the system manually. Now, we’ve added a column to the Locations Import so that this data can be added in bulk when importing Locations.

Discussions Updates

Discussion Templates

In our Q4 2023 release, we introduced the Discussion Templates feature for Tasks. We are eager to announce the expansion of this feature to Orders, Projects, and Opportunities. Our Discussions Guide has more info on this exciting update.

Employee Updates

Visibility of Shifts

Employee Shifts will now be displayed when viewing an Employee Info Card in Striven. If you have the “Shifts - Add/Edit” permission in your User Role, there will also be a View Shifts icon at the bottom of the Employee Info Card that will link to that Employee’s Shift settings page.


Hub Updates

New Accepted File Types

We have added three (3) new accepted file extensions in Striven. Users will now have the ability to upload the following file types into Hub and as attachments:

  • .SVG
  • .HEIC
  • .INDD

Item Management Updates

New Ref # Search Filter on Item Builds Page

There’s a new search filter on the Item Builds page for Ref #.

Opportunities Updates

Assignments Option on Hover Menu

The Hover menu on Customers related to Opportunities has been updated to include Customer Assignments. Now you will be able to view the Customer Assignments popup to see who is assigned to the Customer with links to view their Contact Info.

Projects Updates

Task Search in Projects

We have a new search option available on the Left-side Menu Bar on Projects that will enable you to search for specific Tasks related to the Project. Click here to read more about this update in our Project Management Guide.

Report Updates

Ability to Filter Customer/Vendor Contacts by Active or Inactive Status

We’ve added a helpful filter to the Customer/Vendor Contacts Data Set in Report Builder. This new filter lets you easily choose between Active and Inactive Contacts, ensuring your reports only include the data you need.

If you have existing reports using the Customer/Vendor Contacts Data Set, you’ll need to update them to include this new status filter. This will prevent any unexpected results in your reports.

New Search Filter on Sales Order Profitability Report & Project Profitability Report

There’s a new search filter available on the Sales Order Profitability Report and the Project Profitability Report. You will now be able to narrow your search results on these reports by Category.

Inventory Stock Status Report Updates

We’ve added a new search filter for Sales Order # on the Inventory Stock Status Report page. Additionally, there will now be a link on the Order Info page that will take you to directly to the Stock Status Report in Striven.

Manage Reports with API Access Enabled

We’ve added a powerful new User Role permission called “Custom Reports - Manage All” that will grant users a comprehensive level of control over custom reports created with Striven’s Report Builder feature. This is a very high level permission that expands a user’s search options and control of report API Key access in Striven. Please view our Report Builder Guide for more details on this potent new permission.

Tasks Updates

Map It Added to the Dispatch Tasks Page

With this release, we have added a Locations Icon to the Dispatch Tasks page, which allows you to view the Locations of the Tasks awaiting dispatch as pins on a map. For more details, visit the Task Management Guide.

Task Description Size Restriction for Striven Gmail Add-on

In a prior release, we introduced a size limit restriction to Task Descriptions in an effort to avoid database overgrowth or browser limitations to render large sizes in Task Descriptions. As such, we have now updated the Striven Gmail Add-on feature to include this size restriction as well.

Added Project Search Filter on Tasks List

There’s a new search filter on the Tasks List to narrow down your results to show Tasks related to the selected Project.

UI Updates

Relabeling Options Updates

We’ve added the following Relabel options in the Company Settings:

  • Added Students to the Customer Relabel list
  • Added Agreements to the Sales Order Relabel list

Payment Accounts Deprecation

We have deprecated Payment Accounts in Striven.

User Role Updates

View Direct Permissions

Users with the "User Roles - Add/Edit" permission will be able to see the direct permissions that are assigned to an Employee. For more details on this helpful new feature, check out our User Roles Guide.

Relocated the User Role Employee Access Settings

Prior to this release, all of the Employee Access settings were located on the User Role Info page. Now, there is a new Waffle menu on the User Role Info page that will present the options to view the role Info or the Employee Access on separate pages.

Workflows Updates

Items in Workflow Queue Notification

There is a new notification related to Workflows. This notification will be sent daily to the Employee set as the “From” contact in Workflow Actions to inform them when there are unprocessed Actions in the Workflow Queue. The email will include a link to the queue and will display the number of Actions that are in the queue waiting to be processed. When clicked, the link will load the Workflow Queue page, automatically filtered for the notification recipient and the Status filter will be set for Queued.

New Merge Fields in Workflow Actions

We have added merge fields for Shipping Method, Tracking Number, and Tracking URL in Workflow Actions related to Triggers based on Sales Orders. You will now be able to select these merge fields to add in your Workflow Actions to pull the related data from Striven into your Action content.

Security Updates

Please review the following settings and adjust your User Roles for these new permissions as needed:

  • “Time Off Data Set”
  • “Time Off Data Set - API Access”
  • “Time Off Data Set - Export”
  • “Customers - Edit Tax Exempt”
  • “Tasks - Add E-Signature”
  • “Tasks - Delete E-Signature”
  • “Custom Reports - Manage All”
  • “Item Builds - Edit Items/BoM”

Please review the following Portal settings and adjust your Portal Roles for these new permissions as needed:

  • “Tasks - Add E-Signature”

Report Builder Additions

The following lists the updates and additions made to the Report Builder Data Sets in this release:

  • Added Current Effective Date and Current Effective Date (Period) filters to the Employee Salaries Data Set

  • Added Project End Date, Project End Date (Period), and Project Status filters to the Sales Orders Data Set

  • Added Project End Date and Project Status columns to the Sales Orders Data Set

  • Added Person Responsible column and filter to the Chart of Accounts Data Set

  • Added Contact Status filter to the Customer/Vendor Contacts Data Set

  • Added the Time Off Data Set