Stripe "save credit card"

Received our WisePOS e readers and have enabled them and ran a few tests. The save credit card info check box was a little hard to find (I missed it the first couple of times).

  • Noticed that when we process a payment AND click on save profile…Striven just spins on the “Do not navigate away” page.
  • We left the screen up for 5 minutes and then canceled.
  • Striven said (IN RED) “Payment was successful, however Striven could not update…”
  • Verified via Stripe dashboard the payment as “SUCCEEDED”.

Had no problems with transactions if we DID NOT try to save card info.


Good afternoon, Jonathan,

We have created a task in order to find a resolution on this question. You should be receiving an email shortly with the task information for follow up questions and solutions.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Dennis LeCompte

We have setup our Stripe terminals and activated in Striven as well. We have run a few transactions and seems to be working great for us so far. We did notice that when reviewing the transactions in the Stripe platform the “Invoice” number does not transfer. We are fearful that this will make reconciliation in the future very difficult and have submitted a report to Striven in hopes that they will address this asap.

We would love to keep connected with anyone else using Stripe so we can share experiences and best practices.

Using it more and more and man is it FAST!

I’ve noticed that if the transaction is tied to an invoice then the metadata in the Stripe dashboard will show:


If the transaction was a “sales receipt” then there is much less information in the Stripe dashboard:


Could be room for Striven to push “sales receipt number” to Stripe?

Again, minor tweaks and thank you Striven for adding this!!!

I’m looking for a canned report for transaction detail and they do not have one that I can find. What I found has to be manipulated, downloaded and manipulated again to print or save. I was working w/Saul yesterday and he was going to go back to the developers w/my concerns.

If anyone knows of a daily transaction report that is a point and click I would love to know where you found it!!

Thank you,
Carrie Kelly