Future Feature Payment Link

We like to recommend a feature that allows someone to pay an invoice from a link that does not require logging into the portal. Similar to how car dealerships and medical billing where it says pay now and you can just type your info in for a one time use.

We have some accounts who use credit cards and have multiple different users that share the say account and do not like having their credit card on the portal.

We also have a lot of one time purchase customer’s or quick sales that slows the process down with portal log ins.

This would also also the tech’s in the field to collect payment in the field quickly right from striven and not need to use a third party device.

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Thank you for contacting us and the suggestion, Ashley. We will submit this as a future feature and our team can review this. Have a great day!

Yes, just looking for this option myself!

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Good afternoon Adam, Thank you for your interest in this post I wanted to let you know that we have an open Future Feature Request for this and we will utilize your feedback when we upgrade this area of the system. Have a great day!

Thanks for the follow up!

Great news @Adam & @AshleyCrest! Upon reviewing this with my team, we are finalizing the development of this future feature request and it could be released as early as the end of this year! We will update you on the progress of this request through our Community postings so keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements. Have a great day!

Awesome. This will be a extremely beneficial feature to a lot of people. Thanks @Adam for the support on the post that helps let Striven know great minds think alike!

Yes it will:) We also have lots of customers with one or 2 transactions annually.

Can we get this to work with Apple Pay and google pay, thought I would mention while this is in developmentZ

Good Morning Ashley,

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll be adding this to our Future Feature Project for future consideration. You can potentially include links to your google pay or apple page in your email, but it wouldn’t be integrated with Striven.

Have a great day.

Just wondering if this is still in development and they are planning to allow this feature.

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If you’re looking for an immediate way to accomplish this, you can create hosted payment pages within both Stripe and Authorize.net. You don’t need to know how to code and can add the link to your invoice/deposit request emails to gather payments. I like Authorize,net as a company, but their UI is straight out of the 90s and the reporting, statements, and ability to research transactions is not intuitive. I don’t like Stripe, but that’s a personal preference based on past dealings.

You can set up a hosted payment page by using Jotform, who has integrations with nearly every processor and an integration with Striven, so there’s likely a way to get the needed transaction info into Striven automatically, but if not, you can set it up to create a task to enter the transaction info. It’s simple, and depending on your needs, could be free.

We currently use Helcim, which has no monthly fee and charges interchange+, so it’s often well below the others’ ‘card not present’ fees. You can also set up their service to charge the respective fee to the client as a service charge based on their payment type, so your reconciliations are super clean and easy. We use their smart terminals with built-in printers for counter sales and service calls via tethered WiFi. They allow the tap-to-pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, chip, swipe, EFT, ACH, and manual entry. We also use the mobile app for outside sales, but it is limited to ACH or card transactions. We use their hosted payment page for emailed quotes and invoices. If you’d like to send us money you can do it here. I have it set up to email transaction info to my bookkeeping dept immediately, so integration isn’t critical, but if I’m bored in the future, I’ll probably set up something. I’ve asked Helcim to reach out to Striven about creating an integration as they are looking to expand now that they have the system running very well. I like their pricing, their service, and their portal UI. Looking up deposits and transactions with only a few clicks is simple. You can provide staff with logins with detailed permissions to do only what they need. It’s been very smooth.

Greetings Ashley,

Thanks for checking in. I have opened a task for you and will be providing an update shortly. Thanks for your patience and I hope you have a great day.