How do I determine which employees are system users?

To create a report showing the system users within your system follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Reports - Report Builder - and click Add

  1. Name your report and select the Dataset for Employees. Click Next.

  1. Add in the Available Columns you would like listed within this report such as Name, System User, User Role, etc.

  2. Note: You will need to add the column for System User in order to group by this in a later step

  1. Next you will need to add a filter in order to not have inactive employees appear in your report.

  1. Select the filter for Status and set it to Active. Click Submit for the fitler to save with the Report.

  1. Next you will want to group your report based on the column System User. Selecting “Show Count” will also show you the total number for each group.

  1. Once you are ready to run your report you can click Run Report to view the results.

  2. Note: The non system users will be listed at the top, but the group can be collapsed in order to easily see the System User group.

Hope you enjoyed this useful tip!! Please contact Striven Support for any questions or comment below :slightly_smiling_face: