PTO and Time off Requests

How are other users managing time off and PTO balances with striven? How are you keeping track of individuals who call out, take a lot of time off and keeping it organized?

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Hi @AshleyCrest ! Thank you for your question.

To start, you can control how much time off should be available for an employee by navigating to Company>>Settings>>Employees>>Time Off>>Time Off Availability.

It can be helpful to run the Vacation Adjustment Report which will display how much current available time off an employee has available while taking into account the time they have available for the year. This report can be generated once you locate Employees>>Time Off>>Adjust.

You can also set up a Time Off approval process by navigating to Employees>>Approval Queue. This will allow you to manage whether or not a time off request should be approved instead if it being auto approved.

Lastly, you can also view the Time Off Calendar which shows all the employees’ requests in one place so you can plan schedules ahead. To view this page, navigate to Employees>>Time Off>Calendar.

I hope this information is helpful and please let us know if you have any follow up questions!

Where is this Vacation Adjustment Report? I don’t see it in report builder. I only can see there PTO from each employees pto list. Is it located somewhere else in the software. I’m looking for this data of who has what balances when employees request off so the one who has taken less time is offered the time off. Also let me know who is carrying balances to the next year vs who has used there time.

Hi @AshleyCrest, thanks for your questions.

The Vacation Adjustment Report has since been renamed to Time Off Adjustment which can be located in Employees>>Time Off>>Adjust. I apologize for that mix up. :slight_smile:

You can view who is carrying balances to the next year vs which employees have used their time by using the Time Off Adjustment Report. It will allow you to choose the Category and date so you may check employees’ end of year time available balances.

To help you decide which employees should be approved for their time off depending on who has used less time off, the Time Off Calendar will be the best to refer to. If you select an employee’s requested time off entry, you are able to view how much current Time Off Available they have and compare between employees.

I was looking for something a little different similar to how things are shown in report builder. I wanted to be able to have a list of each employee and the days off vs called out. You don’t have a true report that reflects this data for HR so It has to be done manually. I was looking from other Striven members to see how they track with how the system is designed or if they have to manually do this also.

As it stands all the info is here, but not in the same place and not really useable.

Thanks for the explanation but I truly need a report that breaks this down better. Kinda shocked no one else needs a more inclusive report like this for tracking with HR.

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This is a great idea for the Striven Report Builder. As discussed earlier in our related task, I will be submitting this as a Future Feature Request and will keep you updated. :slight_smile: