Grouping & Aggregation Option on Report Builder

If you like organized reports, sorting and grouping can help you in different ways. Grouping will group together data based on the selected column of your choice. For instance, if you group a report by Customer Name, then your report will be split into concise groups of data with each group representing the Customer’s activities within that dataset. Sorting will allow you to arrange the results in either descending or ascending order. If you are grouping, the sorting will show in each grouping as well.

image (12)

  1. Choose Sort Option: Allows you to select from your chosen dataset columns the way you wish to sort the data.
  2. Sorting Direction: Allows you to change the sorting direction to either ascending or descending.
  3. Hide Details: When checked, the box presents a summary of the requested information. By unchecking the box, all details will be shown on your report.
  • Note: You must choose a group option for this to work properly.
  1. Choose Grouping Option: Allows you to choose from your selected columns how you wish to group the report data.
  2. Rearrange Groupings: Allows you to rearrange groups if more than one is selected.
  3. Show Count: When checked, this box displays how many results are in each grouping.
  4. Remove Group: Removes the selected column.

If you are reporting on numeric values like transaction or order amounts, Aggregation can help to automatically calculate totals per report and per group. In certain datasets this can include things like budget hours for Tasks, cost for Items, and more. Below is an image of what the Aggregation Configurations look like and a brief description of what you can configure here.

image (11)

  1. Choose Appropriate Option: Allows users to select which chosen columns they would like to aggregate by.
  • Note: The drop-down list will be limited for numeric values such as amounts.
  1. Selected Option(s): As you select columns to aggregate, they will be listed below with their own aggregation options.
  2. Aggregation Device: Allows users to choose how they aggregate results. Options include:
  • SUM: Adds your results per group and per report.
  • AVG: Averages your results per group and per report.
  • MIN: Displays the minimum value of your results per group and per report.
  • MAX: Displays the maximum value of your results per group and per report.
  1. Remove Aggregation Option: Allows users to remove the aggregation option.

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