Employee Welcome Emails

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When you add Employees to your Striven system that will be System Users, they will need to sign in using the information provided in their Welcome Email.


After you enter the new Employee’s Name and Email Address, you will need to select their User Role if you want them to have access to your system. Once you save their information, their Employee Info Page displays wherein you can complete their Employee profile with further details. A Welcome Email with a link to sign in to Striven will automatically be sent to the Employee.


One of the sections of this Employee Info page houses the Employee’s User Access settings. This access enables the Employee to log into your Striven system. This section contains their Login Email address and User Role designation. This is also where you’ll find the Resend Welcome Email button.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If your Employee reports that they did not receive their Welcome Email, you can return to their Employee Info Page and click on the Resend Welcome Email button in the User Access section.

  • If the Resend Welcome Email button is not displayed on the Employee Info page, that means the Employee has already signed into the system. In this case, they will need to follow the steps from the login page to reset their password as the Welcome Email will no longer be active.

  • If the Employee reports they have not received their Welcome email, even after resending the Welcome Email, you can check your system’s Email Log from the Reports menu to confirm if the Welcome Email was sent from Striven.

    • If the Welcome Email shows there, you can open the message and send them the sign-in link from their Welcome Email.
    • If not there, contact Striven Support to check that the Employee’s email was not added to Striven’s bounced email list.
  • Changing the Employee’s primary email address will change their Login Email. In that case, the Resend Welcome Email button will reappear until they have logged in to the system with the new email address.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Striven Support Team! :slight_smile:

I have added a new employee with email, address, etc. and there is no Link in the User Access to invite them to Striven

Thank you @khwilling for your question. Once you have added an employee it automatically sends welcome email that has a link to Activate their Striven Account.

They are not receiving it. In addition, I am trying to reset my password and I am getting no notifications from your system. You appear to be having email issues with your server.

Thank you for this information. I will create a task for your request so we can look into it further. I will keep you posted with updates through the discussion on the task.

Have a great day!