Paid Feature Request


I have asked for some feature request from Striven that are not at the top of the road map and they do not believe there is a lot of interest from the user base since no one else has requested them. I believe companies like mine may benefit from these requests, and wanted to see if anyone else thinks they would benefit from these feature requests and they would like to share the cost to have them implemented. Even if your not willing to share the cost please reply if you think the features would benefit you. It’s possible if Striven sees more interest they put these in the road map.

01 Incomplete SO Status update from the Orders List

  • If the sales order status is incomplete - from the sales orders list, the user should be able to change the status to canceled when clicking on the status.

Priority Development: $1,200

02 Collapse/Expand Groups in Sales Order

  • Clicking on the group header should collapse or expand the group. Expanding or Collapsing is just a UI property. Won’t affect any totals, formats or display in the customer portal. We will have an indicator of whether a group is currently expanded or collapsed (to the left of the group name)
  • In the Options menu, add option to Collapse all and Expand all groups

Priority Development: $4,000

03 Duplicate Group within a Sales Order

  • In the listing icon for a group, add an option to “Duplicate”
  • When Duplicate is clicked the group is duplicated and shows as the last group in the list of groups
    • Group name would be as “Duplicate of [[group name]]”
    • A new group will be created in the sales order, items within the group will also be copied over. This includes all the item group configurations etc. The only things that won’t get copied over are the serial/lot numbers if present.
    • The line items area will get refreshed to show the newly added group, totals will be updated accordingly.

Priority Development: $3,200

04 Edit the “When To Invoice” for a Sales Order

  • This is only applicable for one time orders with contract management
  • Once approved or in progress, the user should be able to change the when to invoice to Manual Invoicing
  • Add a new permission called “Approved Sales Order - Edit When to Invoice”
  • If the user has the above permission AND if the order has progress billing or invoice on approval or invoice on completion AND order is in approved or in progress status then add a link below the when to invoice called “Change to Manual Invoicing”
    • On click of that confirm. Are you sure you want to change the invoicing to be manual. Automatic invoices won’t be created anymore for this order.
    • On confirmation refresh the when to invoice section and LOG this change in the audit log
    • Any prior invoice generated won’t be affected by this.
  • Ensure all automated jobs should look into this and not create automated invoices if the billing method was changed for an order

Priority Development: $5,200

Every Group In Striven you do this. Even when you run a report by Location, there should be a collapse / Expand Button Like on the P&L

I requested this a while back because we have large quotes that would make it much easier to manage. At that time this was not a high priority with other users, and no one was interested in sharing the cost to move this up. I would still be interested if there are other users that would like to share this cost.

I’m brand new to Striven and still digging through the vastness of it all, but I could see the advantage to #1, and at the same time, see the potential for easy mis-clicking errors changing the status of orders still being built. If you’re cancelling a lot of orders, the extra few clicks would get annoying. On the system I’m looking at, however, it seems to be a current function.

#2 would be very handy while working on a large order, to save scrolling time. I’m not sure I would use an expand all option, but if you’re making a collapse all option, might as well put it in there. A less expensive solution is a better mouse with scroll speed adjustment, like the kids use to play video games, but I understand the desire for the change, and many ERPs and accounting packages have that functionality already.

I’d really rather have control of how each group looks to the customer, whether in the portal or on a PDF. There are many times that I want a customer to see everything that goes into a project, but not necessarily every single item price. Having the ability to show the items, but not the individual item price, on a per group basis, would be greatly beneficial, whether an item group, or a custom group. This is also a pretty standard functionality.

#3 also seems to be working already in my system. I plan to build out a lot of item groups to make estimating very, very fast and easy enough that a standard $20/hr employee can be accurate and efficient without memorizing part numbers or scrolling through price books. I’m not sure how often we’ll use the copy function, but it seems to be there.
I’m new and only get one media per post, so you’ll have to try yourself. Hit the options menu on the right side of the group’s header bar to see if copy is there.

#4 Isn’t something we would use. If the customer is under a contract and the order was approved, they are getting billed what we said we were billing them, at the time we said we were going to. In our business, if we create and send any transaction, once it’s approved, it requires a change order and an entirely new transaction, which would be as simple as duplicating the ‘auto’ transaction and changing the billing to manual before saving/sending/getting approved. Even with a change log, a customer getting two different documents (a legal instrument) with the same number is a huge liability, even if it’s just changing the billing method. Once you change anything, you’re opening Pandora’s box.