Future Feature - Mass apply

The ability to apply in batch quantity on work orders. So if you use the mass check box on the left hand side of the screen you can click it and apply a filter one time to all the work orders checked.

Hello, Ashley (@AshleyCrest)!

Great feedback! Would it be helpful if you could perform these type of bulk actions and more from a Custom Report? This way you would be able to do bulk actions for multiple areas of Striven, as opposed to just Work Orders?

Please let me know!


Ashley hasn’t responded yet, but as someone currently cleaning up a few years’ of data in our last system to prep for migration, anything that helps an admin bulk clean any area is amazing. Being able to create a custom report to find only the data that needs to be cleaned, and having the ability to clean straight from the report would be the ticket.

@Amiaf @DBricker i think batch actions would be extremely helpful. This was in reference to applying a label if I remember correctly but I think be able to mark things open, closed, apply labels, edit custom fields from a report would be very useful.

Hello, Ashley (@AshleyCrest) and Darin (@DBricker)!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We have a Future Feature request open for this ability! Once there are any updates regarding the status of this request, our Support Team will reach out to you. :slight_smile:
This feature could be quite beneficial, thank you for your suggestions!

Have a wonderful day!