Tender Screen Window for Sales Receipts

Sales Receipt is lacking the ability to properly tending out a customer. I think a tender screen is really needed to put how much money is taken and the select the method. If cash is taken it does the math for the change. In a busy retail environment this would make things go over a lot smoothly. Once the payment is enter if it automatically saves this transaction it would help immensely with people forgetting not to save a ticket or someone accidently overriding it.

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This was one of our biggest challenges when implementing Striven. To their credit they admitted it’s not a point of sale software before we purchased. We came from QB POS, which was very good for this. We had a lot of unsaved transactions in the early days but now everyone here is used to the calculator and remembering to save! It does seem quite ‘old fashioned’ though LOL. For reference we have 15-20 receipts on an average day.

So our team too is very good at saving their own receipt, but sometimes we switch devices when we have to get signatures on preorders and the clerk behind them doesn’t always catch that it isn’t saved. We run two terminals at the counter. Very “Dated” we can sometimes see 5 - 6 people at a time so when the store is quick paced and its all hands on deck sometimes saving the receipt is the hardest part of the job.