Q2 2024 Release Notes - 06/23/2024

In This Release… [Click here for a video overview of new features]

Innovative Additions to Striven

Task Printable Formats

Striven now has the ability to print Tasks! Navigate to Company > Settings > Tasks > Tasks Setup > Task Formats to start configuring your printable formats for Tasks. For details on this update, visit our Task Management Guide. (Please contact Support if you would like assistance adding in a default format.)

New Accounting Dashboard Widget

We have a new line chart Dashboard widget called Profit & Loss Trending. This widget can be configured to show on the Accounting Dashboard, as well as on Customer Dashboards. Visit the Accounting Dashboard section of our Accounting Setup Guide for full details about this enterprising new widget and other Accounting-related widgets.

Sales Order Import

There’s been an update to Striven’s import feature that allows for one-time Sales Order imports. Check out our Sales Orders Guide for further details on this new and exciting import option!

Accounting Updates

Copy Groups from an Existing Sales Order to a New Order

This new option will allow you to copy Line Item Groups from an existing Sales Order to a different Sales Order. For further details about this helpful new feature, visit our Sales Orders Guide.

Sales Receipt Preview

When clicking on the Print button on a Sales Receipt, you will now have the ability to preview the format in a viewer window before choosing to print or download the Sales Receipt.

Applying Open Credits to Open Invoices Related to the Same Sales Order

There’s a new setting option on the Sales Settings page to control how Open Credits related to Sales Orders are being applied to Open Invoices. Since there is already an automated nightly Invoice creation process in place where Open Credits can be applied to Open Invoices, we’ve added the option to limit Open Credits related to Sales Orders to only be applied to Open Invoices related to the same Sales Order. If there are no Open Invoices related to the same Sales Order, the Open Credit remains open.

Manage Invoice Memo for Recurring Sales Orders

We’ve added a new setting on the Sales Settings page under the Sales Order section to allow you to control the Invoice Memo when a new Invoice is created for a recurring Sales Order. The memo will be used when Invoices are automatically created from Sales Orders set as recurring. Visit our Accounts Receivable Guide for further details.

Duplicate Number Warning Updates

Changes were made to the Duplicate Number warning popup that displays when a user attempts to create a Sales Order, Purchase Order, or transaction in Striven using a number that has already been used. The changes were made to one of the button options on the popup, changing the label from “Keep It” to “Allow Duplicate” and the button color has been switched from blue to red.

Item Group Descriptions on Sales Orders

We’ve added the ability to view more details when selecting Item Groups on Sales Orders. Once the Item Group is selected, clicking on the Configure link below the Unit Price will display the Item Group details. Now, you will be able to see a brief description of the individual items that make up the Item Group to make editing choices easier. You can click on the ellipses in the description to see an info popup with the full description.

Customer/Vendor Sort Option for Recurring Transactions Review Queue

There’s a new sort option added to the Recurring Transactions Review Queue page. In addition to Type, Transaction #, Transaction Date, and Amount, you will now have the option to sort alphabetically by Customer/Vendor.

Option to Show Person Responsible on P&L and Balance Sheet Reports

There is a checkbox option on the P&L Report and Balance Sheet Report that provides the option to display the Person Responsible in the report columns.

Sales Order Format Update

Custom Fields related to Sales Order Approval have been included as merge fields in the Sales Order Formats. Approval-related Custom Fields will be available for selection from the Select Merge Field drop-down list on the Sales Order Format settings.

Employee Updates

Teams Display on Employee Info Page

You can now view the Team(s) an Employee is assigned to from the Employment Info section of the Employee Info page.

Integration Updates

Stripe Customer Email Updates

We’ve made some enhancements to our Stripe Integration in order to keep the email address of the Primary Contact in Striven synchronized with the email address stored under the Stripe account for the associated Customer. This will ensure that changes made within Striven to the Primary Contact Assignment for a Customer will carry over to Stripe along with their email address. Alternatively, if the email address for the Primary Contact is edited or changed, this will also pass over to Stripe to maintain accurate records within both interfaces.

Portal Updates

Updates to Service Metrics in Customer Portal

We’ve made a few new updates to the Service Metrics page of the Customer Portal.

  1. Requested By Location: This new panel looks at the Location of the Requested By on Tasks, which is set at the Contact Association level. Clicking on the information in this new panel will display a popup with a list of all the Tasks that are present at the Requested By Location.
  2. By Task Location: The last panel on the bottom of the page (formerly known as Location) has been renamed to By Task Location.
  3. No Location Specified: This new record for the Service Metrics page will look at all Tasks that do not have any Location set. Clicking on this record will display a popup list of the Tasks that do not have a Location specified.

Report Updates

Date Format Settings in Report Builder

Prior to this release, the system settings for Date Format were not considered when displaying date information in Report Builder results. This has been updated so that the Date Format set in the Basic Info section of the Company Settings in Striven are used when displaying dates in Report Builder results.

Update to Tax Liability Report

This release has included an update to allow the Tax Liability report to display the same totals when accessed from the Pay Tax Queue. This includes allowing the Tax Liability Report to include Tax Payments that may have been made for the period designated in the “Show Tax Through Period” on the Pay Tax page.

Deactivated Custom Fields in Custom Reports

Custom reports that use deactivated custom fields as columns or filters will continue to display the related data. If the column or search filter is removed from the Report after the field is deactivated, it cannot be restored.

Tasks Updates

Task Related Fields Can Be Copied to Sales Order Fields

Fields such as Task Title, Task Description, and more can now be automatically copied to related fields on a Sales Order when creating the Order from the Task.

UI Updates

Accounting Migration Relocated to Accounting Settings

The Accounting Migration page has been relocated to within Accounting Settings, where it can be accessed via link.

Notification & Portal Content Updates

Please review the following updates and adjust your Notification & Portal Content as needed:

  • Added an Order Date merge field to the Sales Order Approval Email.

Security Updates

Please review the following settings and adjust your User Roles for these new permissions as needed:

  • “Task Formats - Add/Edit”
  • “Sales Orders - Import”

Report Builder Additions

The following lists the updates and additions made to the Report Builder Data Sets in this release:

  • Added Price List column to the Customers Data Set
  • Added Cost List column to the Vendors Data Set