Seeking Insights: Best Practices for Utilizing the Striven Career Portal

For those actively using the Striven Career Portal, how do you approach job posting, candidate management, internal collaboration, candidate experience, and metrics tracking?

Please share your best practices and tips for optimizing recruiting and talent management on Striven.

  1. We post our ad on Indeed.
  2. Review the applied candidates there first. If they are looking to be a good fit we send them an email through indeed asking them to apply using the candidate portal with a job posting created in striven.
  3. One thing I would recommend is have multiple interview email pre-drafted in your steps and a calendar link that expires. This way if you need to send the interview invites again you can keep track of how often it was sent in this process. Don’t skip them to much in advance cause you can’t go backwards.
  4. I have a calendar that is basically blocked off 8-5 (reoccurring) which we call schedule block. Then when we need to book appointments that we want to offer I delete those calendar blocks and put in “smaller blocks” to allow them to book on the 1/2 hour mark only.
  5. I have a non-system user I use for this so it doesn’t junk up the humans involved in the process calendar for other things.

  6. I have a calendar that shows the ones that book with us.
  7. Most steps are manually processed by us.
  8. When they arrive for their interview they fill out a background check auth form i created in striven that emails me a copy when they are done. I create the form linked to their profile the day of their interview.
  9. When they have a form I fill out during the interview linked with questions we ask and their replies and then any information they give us that is relevant.
  10. If they get to the hiring process and we verify their references we have a form of who we call and what feedback they offer also linked to each candidate.
  11. I have some special questions we ask for each application and its a form linked to the application that gives us more feed back on their job experience and since there are not enough reference spots we have questions added for that too.

Copy of the Email of how we invite them for an interview

Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far in applying for a career opportunity with us. We would like to have you come to our office for an interview. Please click the link below for the appropriate time slot we have available for an interview. A list of dates and times will populate with our current availability.

To reschedule your appointment please email for next available times or cxl current appointment and reuse link provided to choose another appointment time slot. Please allow 30 - 45 mins for the interview process.

If you reschedule your appointment using your personal calendar we will not honor this time slot and your appointment will be cancel.

Click here to schedule interview

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns

Our Address is 10015 Pulaski Highway, Middle River MD 21220

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,

Feel free to reach out if you have more detailed questions of our process or need help setting up on of these steps.

For striven:
Wish there were ways to color code or mark things to tell the difference among applicants. So they stand out based on step finished. Also that you can restart steps and go backwards when you find you need to adjust the step order after the job is posted.
Its hard when so many who have similar names apply to keep the one you interviewed straight with the one coming in today. It would also be nice to filter the applicants or rank them so your able to send out the invites to the most qualified first without having to constantly open and review the applications. It also would be nice that if a applicant doesn’t fill something out properly you can send them a note saying fix this or ask for more clarity related to the portion at hand. Almost like “auditing” at the question level, verse having to draft a email.

Sorry for any typos. Ashley