12/19/2021 Release Notes

In This Release… [Click here for a video overview of all the new features]

Schedule Appointment Enhancements

Add to Calendar Link

We’ve provided the new Add to Calendar feature, which will allow External Attendees to easily add Appointments to their respective calendars after they are created in Striven.

  • Calendar options include Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.
  • For other calendars, the Attendee can download the ICS file to add to their calendar.

External Attendees will receive the links to add the Appointment to their calendar via a link on the Appointment Confirmation page, or via a link in an email notification triggered when the Appointment is created in Striven.

  • The Appointment Confirmation page provides the Appointment Name, duration, and date/time of the appointment, along with the Add to Calendar button and the Download ICS File link.
  • If the External Attendee changes the Appointment date/time from the Manage Appointment page, those changes will be able to be saved to their Calendar as well.

Another way is via email notification once an Appointment has been scheduled.

There’s a new merge field that will need to be added to the notification content for external Appointments in order for the link to appear in the email body. These content categories include:

  • Appointment Confirmed - External
  • Appointment Created - External
  • Appointment Modified - External
  • Appointment Created Externally Confirmation

You can locate these content categories by searching for them in the Notification & Portal Content Settings in Striven.

  • The link text created by the merge field can be managed in the Add to Calendar Link Text content category also located in the Notification & Portal Content settings.

The email notification is triggered when the Appointment is scheduled and will include the Add to Calendar link that takes the External Attendee to the Manage Appointment page where they will see the Appointment info displayed, the Add to Calendar option, as well as the option to Cancel the Appointment.

All of the Appointment details from the Striven Appointment will carry over to the respective calendar. This new feature will also take into consideration any time zone differences and will carry over the appropriate time zone settings as well.

Opportunities Updates

Opportunity Import

The Opportunity Import will now provide the option to include Custom Fields. In order to utilize this feature, the Custom Fields will need to be created in your Striven system before they can be populated with data for the import.

On the Import Mapping Page, you will select your field mapping from the drop-down lists. With this release, there will now be a mapping option for [CUSTOM FIELD NAME].

Once selected, this mapping option will trigger another mapping field to display where you will select the Custom Field. Only Custom Fields saved under your Opportunities Custom Field entity will be available for selection from this list for the import.

Printable Format Updates

Page Numbering

We have added a new feature to enable page numbers in your printable formats.

  • Click the box at the top of the format page to turn on the page numbering feature. You will then be presented with options to edit the page number font, including font color, font style, and font size.

  • Page numbers will display on the bottom of the page, but only when printing a particular transaction. Printing transactions in batches (like from the Invoice Print Queue, for example) will not produce a page number on the bottom of the page.
  • Page numbers will display in a “Page 1/1” style page number format.

Currency Settings

Another new update for printable formats is the Currency Settings. Striven now provides the ability to select how currency displays on your printable formats.

  • The default setting for all printable formats will be to show the Currency Symbols (i.e. $, £, €, etc.), but now you will have the option to show the Currency Codes (i.e. USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, etc.) in addition to, or instead of the symbols.

  • If you wish to remove a currency setting from displaying, simply uncheck the box next to the display option you do not want to be displayed.

User Interface Enhancements

Project Profitability Report

The Sales Order Total, Purchase Order Total, Revenue, Labor, and Expense column amounts are hyperlinked now to enable you to view this particular data in more detail.

Multi-touch Merge Fields

There’s a new merge field available in the email body section of Sales Order Multi-touch messages that will provide a link for your Customer to view the related Sales Order in the Portal.

  • To add this merge field to your Multi-touch email message, simply put your cursor in the message body where you want the link to display and then select the Portal-Order-Link merge field from the drop-down list.

The result is an email that includes a link to view the Sales Order related to the Multi-touch Campaign in the Customer Portal.

Add Employee Page

A new addition to the Add Employee Page is the field to designate the Employee’s Division.

  • When adding a new Employee to your Striven system, clicking on the Show More link will trigger the page to display further information gathering options.

  • With this release, you’ll find the newly added Division field in the Employment Info section of the page.

API Additions

The following API additions have been added with this release:

  • Update GET v1/items/{itemId}/inventory-locations?asofDate={asOfDate} to include Qty on PO, Qty on Build, Qty on SO
  • Builds API - GET v1/item-builds/{id}
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds/{id}/mark-finalized
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds/{id}/mark-pending
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds/{id}/void
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds/search
  • Builds API - GET v1/item-builds/{id}/custom-fields
  • Builds API - POST v1/item-builds/{id}/custom-fields

There is also a Version 2 of our Tasks API available in this release which has more features. Visit our API Reference Page.

Additionally, this release includes a link to our Striven API Documentation directly from the API Settings page.

Security Updates

Please review the following settings and adjust for these new permissions as needed:

  • Striven User Roles: “API Settings - View”

  • Portal Roles: “Contact - Deactivate”

Notifications & Portal Content Additions

The following email and portal content have been added:

  • Failed Payment Notification - No Response
  • Add to Calendar Link Text

Report Builder Additions

There is a new Dataset update in this release:

  • We’ve added the Target Date Past Due filter as a yes/no option within the Sales Order Dataset.