Print Collateral Customization

I have a client that would like to have more uniformity to the look of their different print (and online) collateral coming out of Striven. For example, their sales orders, invoices, and POs all have a different look and feel. While the editor is nice, it’s still clunky, and would be good to have a tool that helps standardize headers and certain other sections of the various print functions that are customer or vendor-facing.

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I used someone from Fiverr to design the header they way I wanted it. The Fiverr person had experience with HTML.

I made a copy of the HTML coding and put in a format file called template.

I use the same HTML code over and over for my headers and make very minor editing changes as needed.

If you want the HTML, just let me know. I can send it to you via email.

Russ Murray

@russellmurray Thanks… that’s a good idea. I would appreciate if you could send me your template to take a look at it.

It still would be nice if we didn’t have to outsource the formating of the collateral to HTML experts and there was a good WYSIWYG editor built into Striven for us lay-html coders.


Account No.: [[Customer/Vendor #]]
Invoice Date: [[Invoice-Date]] 
Invoice No.: [[Invoice-Number]]


Bill To:


Ship To:




Due Date:



It looks like the HTML is not transmitting via the Striven bulletin board.

If you want to send your email address to me, I’ll send the HMTL via email.

My email is:

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