Q3 2022 Release Notes - 09/25/2022

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Please Note: The Workflows Release Notes are located in a separate Workflows Release Post

Accounting Updates

Purchase Order Updates

There’s a few new updates with regard to Purchase Orders.

  • The first is the addition of new Vendor Contact Merge Fields in the Purchase Order Printable Formats. These include:
    • Vendor - Contact - Email
    • Vendor - Contact - Phone
    • Vendor - Contact - Title

  • Next, there’s now a Copy PO option available in the Actions menu on a View Purchase Order page.
    • Most of the Purchase Order details will pre-populate in the new Purchase Order with a few exceptions, such as Promise Date, PO Date, and Serial/Lot numbers for Line Items.

  • On the PO Approval page, we’ve added the ability to edit a Purchase Order while it is in an Approved status, but not yet accepted by the Vendor.

  • One of the PO Type Level updates includes the added ability to require Promise Dates for certain Purchase Orders. This setting is located on the General Info section of a PO Type Info page under Display Fields.

  • There is also the option to allow the selection of multiple Vendors on a Purchase Order at the PO Type level.
    • Note: This option can only be selected if the setting is turned on in the PO Type settings after selecting to Turn on Contract Management.

  • And lastly, when creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order that includes Item Groups, the Items within the Item Group will be copied as Line Items on the Purchase Order and the quantity will be the quantity configured for the Item Group multiplied by the quantity in the Item Group configuration.

Sales Order Update

There is now an option to hide Line Items on Non-Contract Managed Sales Orders in the Customer/Vendor Portal. This can be accomplished by checking the box for Do not show items on Sales Order in the Striven Customer/Vendor Portal next to the Scan Barcode field in the Items Section of a Non-Contract Managed Sales Order.

Sorting Line Items in Invoices & Sales Receipts

Prior to this release, the ability to sort Line Items was only available on Sales Orders. Now, we have expanded this feature to Invoices and Sales Receipts as well. You will now be able to drag/drop Line Items to whatever order you wish them to display on the Invoices or Sales Receipts.

The sorted Line Item order will be reflected throughout the system and any changes made to the Line Item order will be noted on the History page. Additionally, the API will return Line Items in the same order as these pages in Striven.

  • For Invoices, the Line Item order will be maintained in the Portal view as well as in the Printable Formats, as long as the format used hasn’t overridden the column sort order at the format level.
  • Line Items for Sales Receipt formats will simply be displayed as they are on the page.

When creating an Invoice from a Sales Order, whether manually or automatically, the Line Item order specified at the Sales Order level will carry over to the Invoice.

And while you will be able to rearrange Line Items within a Group, you will not be able to drag items between groups when Line Item Grouping is selected on Invoices and Sales Receipts.

Pay By Date for Payment Terms with Discounts on Pay Bills Page

When viewing the Pay Bills page in Striven, Bills with a Payment Term that includes a discount will now display the Pay By Date in a new column next to the Discount column. This will give you a clear view of when the deadline is for the Discount on that particular Bill.

Item Profitability Report Update

The Item Profitability Report will now include all COGS related to AR and AP Transactions.

View Checks After Paying Tax

There has been an update to the Pay Sales Tax process in Striven. Previously, you would need to navigate to the Transactions List after paying taxes to view the check(s) created. Now when you pay taxes, Striven displays a confirmation that the Tax Payment checks were created successfully and includes a list of the checks with links to view them.


Inventory Updates

Ability to Delete Component Items Via the Import File

Striven now has the ability to remove Component Items from both Manufactured Items and Item Groups using the Items Import tool. There is a new column to select in the import mapping when generating your Sample File called Remove Component Item.

  • The Data Type for this new column is a “Yes/No” field, so if the Item is a Component of a Manufactured Item or Item Group, setting this column to “Yes” will remove the Item from the Manufactured Item or Item Group specified in the selected “Manufactured Item Name” or “Item Group Name” columns.
  • The Update Matching Data checkbox will need to be selected when performing the import to remove Component Items.

Additionally, we have two (2) new Report Builder data sets to assist when using this new feature. The Builds Details Data Set and the Item Components Data Set can be utilized to create custom reports to expedite and simplify the exporting/importing process when removing Component Items.

Export for Item Profitability Report

We have added the ability to export the Item Profitability Report from Striven as a .CSV file. This new option is displayed when clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the search section of the Item Profitability Report page.

Discussions Updates

Discussion Notifications

An update has been made to Discussions with regard to notifications. We have added a new feature to enable you to choose which notifications to turn on/off for Discussions.

From the Discussions page, you can select Notifications from the kebab menu.

This will trigger a popup with Discussion Notification options to select. These options include:

  • Turn on browser notifications: Turned on by default. This is the flashing notification on the title bar and the chime sound when a new Discussion is received.
  • Turn on email notifications: Turned on by default. This is an email notification that is sent automatically if a new Discussion is not viewed after 5 minutes.
  • Turn on text notifications: This notification works like the email notification, but sends a text message automatically if a new Discussion is not viewed after 5 minutes.
    • This option requires the activation of the Twilio Integration within Striven.
    • This option also requires the Discussion participants to have a mobile number listed on their profile.
  • Turn on auto responder: Turning this on will create an automatic Discussion on your behalf once every 24 hours on a new Discussion thread or new replies you receive.
    • This option provides the ability to configure your auto responder message.
    • The auto response message will display in the Discussion thread within a minute or 2 of sending.
    • Remember to turn the auto responder off when you return by unchecking the box and clicking Save.

Along with this update, we’ve added new Notification & Portal Content to work with the text message notification option. The new content includes:

  • New Discussion (SMS/Text Messages)
  • New Discussion Reply (SMS/Text Messages)

These notifications are editable and provide merge fields for Company Name, Discussion Link, Manage Preferences Link, Related To, and User Full Name.

In order to send text message notifications, the setting for Send SMS/Text for Discussions needs to be selected at the Customer level on the Customer Contact Info page. This preference can also be edited through the Customer Portal from the My Info page.

Discussion Search Update

The general Discussions Search has been updated to include Archived Discussions by default. These results will be noted with an “Archived” label in the search results.

Projects Updates

Copy a Project from an Existing Project on Add New Project Page

Striven has an update that allows you to copy a Project from an existing Project on the Add New Project page. If you navigate to the Add New Project page, you will notice a Copy from Project link now located in the top right corner of the Add Project Info Box.

This link allows you to select an existing Project from which you wish to copy the details to your new Project. In doing so, the new Project will pre-populate with the Project Type, Name, Customer, Location, Contact, Project Manager, and Start/End Dates from the existing Project. You will also have the option to copy Milestones, Custom Statuses, Labels, Assignments, and Tasks from the existing Project.

  • Note: To avoid confusion, you can edit the Project Name before saving the copy to distinguish it from the original.

When you are creating a Project from an Opportunity, you can also click to Copy from Project to copy the above-noted fields, without overwriting the Name and Customer which are copied from the Opportunity.

Similarly, when creating a Project from a Sales Order, the Customer is copied from the Sales Order, but the rest of the information will be copied from the existing Project you select.

Project Location Updates

We’ve added the ability to associate a Customer Location with a Project. When you create a Project using the Add New Project page, after you select a Customer you will have the ability to select a Customer Location to be set as the Project Location.

This information can also be selected on an existing Project from the Project Info panel on the Left-side Menu Bar.

Additionally, with the new Copy from Project feature, this information can also be copied to the new Project from the original.

When viewing the Projects List, the Project Location is displayed as a link to the Customer’s Location Info page.

Project Type & Assignment Update

When creating a new Project Type or editing an existing one, you will now have the option to Get Default Assignment from the Customer Level once you have selected a Default Assignment Category.

  • Note: This option will not show until a Default Assignment Category is selected.

To enable this feature from the Project Type settings page, check the box for the Get Default Assignment from the Customer Level option located in the Basic Info section of the page and then save the Project Type.

Now when you create a Project using that Project Type, you’ll see the Assignment Category will be changed to match the Project Type setting. Then once the Customer is selected for the Project, the Assignee will be pre-populated based on the Customer selected.


  • If a Customer has more than one Assignee set with the same Category, the oldest active Assignment will pre-populate in the Project.
  • If there are NO Assignees for a Customer, nothing will be pre-populated and the field will remain blank.

Tasks Updates

Tasks List/Dispatch Display Settings Update

You may notice that there are 2 more Task Display Settings related to the Project available on both the Tasks List and Task Dispatch page.

To utilize these Display Settings from the Task Dispatch screen, click on the Task Display Settings gear icon on the top right corner of the Task Dispatch panel. This will trigger the Task Display Settings popup to appear wherein you can select the Project and Project Location to appear in the Task Dispatch panel.

On the Tasks List, you can find the Task Display Settings by clicking on the Task Display Settings gear icon and selecting the options to display Project and Project Location. This will result in the related information from the Task to display on the Task List.

Task Dispatch Screen Filter Update

We’ve added a new filter to the Task Dispatch screen that will allow you to narrow your search results by Project Type. Additionally, we’ve reorganized the existing filter options to make room for the new filter.

Contacts Updates

Show Customer Status in Contact Associations

When viewing a Contact in Striven with multiple Customer Associations, you will be able to identify the Customer Statuses with the new label added in this release. Now when you view a Contact’s Associations page, a status label will appear next to the Customer’s names to indicate if they are designated a Prospect, Active, Deleted, or Lost status.

Employee Updates

Change Password

The Change Password option has been moved from the Employee Actions menu on the Employee Info page to the Security Tab on the My Info page.

Dashboard Updates

Purchase Orders: Custom Report Dashboard Widget

There will now be a new Dashboard widget available relating to Purchase Orders. The new widget allows you to select a Custom Report from your Striven system using the Purchase Orders Dataset to display report results on your Dashboard.

This widget can be added to your Dashboard by clicking on the Manage Widgets button in the top right of your Dashboard screen. Drag/drop the Purchase Orders: Custom Report option from the available widgets list to one of the three (3) Dashboard columns then click the Close button.

Now that the widget is displayed on your Dashboard, you can click the Select Filters link to configure the Custom Report you wish to use for this widget.

  • Note: Whatever Custom Report you plan on using for this widget will need to be created before configuring this widget.

Recruiting Updates

Job Postings List Update

We’ve added the Assigned To search filter to the Job Postings List page in order to narrow your search results to the exact assignee.

API Additions/Updates

The following API additions/updates have been added with this release:

  • Add Division to the GET v1/Projects/{id} API
  • Location Address Edit API

For more information about our APIs, visit our API Reference Page.

Security Updates

Please review the following settings and adjust your User Roles for these new permissions as needed:

  • “Workflow - Add”
  • “Workflow - Manage All”
  • “Workflow - View All”
  • “Trigger Templates - Manage”
  • “Item Profitability Report - Export”
  • “Items Data Set - API Access”

Notifications & Portal Content Additions

The following email and Portal content have been added:

  • Added a new merge field option for Public-SalesOrder-Print-Link in the New Invoice Email notification.

  • Added New Discussion sms/text message content.
  • Added New Discussion Reply sms/text message content.

Report Builder Additions

The following lists additions to the Report Builder Data Sets in this release:

  • Added a Build Details Data Set
  • Added an Item Components Data Set
  • Added Item Date Created column to the Items Data Set
  • Added Item Date Created and Item Date Created (Period) filters to the Items Data Set
  • Added Items custom fields to the Items Data Set filters
  • Added Time Elapsed (in hours) column to the Time Clock Data Set
  • Added Assigned To Employee ID column to the Tasks Data Set
  • Changed Last Price Increase Date computation to show the parent orders last price increase date for Change Orders in the Sales Order Data Set
  • Added the following Location related columns to the Projects Data Set:
    • Location Name
    • Location Address
    • Location City
    • Location State
    • Location Zip Code
    • Location Country
  • Added the following Location related filters to the Projects Data Set:
    • Location Address
    • Location State
  • Added Customers Country filter in the Customer Dataset