10/31/2021 Release Notes

In This Release… [Click here for a video overview of all the new features]

Accounting Updates

Editable Cost Column on Sales Orders & Invoices, Storing Cost at Sales Order Level

Striven now has the ability to edit Item costs from Sales Orders and Invoices.

  • The edited Item cost will be stored at the Sales Order level and will be used as the default cost while creating a Purchase Order from the Sales Order.

A new permission was created to provide Employees with the ability to update Item costs from Invoices and Sales Orders. Only Employees with this permission are given the option to update an Item cost at the Item or Cost List level.

  • The permission is called “Update Item Cost from Invoices and Sales Orders” which you can include in your User Roles if you wish your Employees to have access to this feature.

In order to enable this feature, you will need to visit the AR Settings page and look for the option in the General Section of the page.

  • First you must enable the Show Cost & Markup for Line Item option to make the new feature available for selection.
  • Next you will see the checkbox for Prompt to Update the Item Cost if it is Changed While Creating Sales Orders & Invoices is now available for selection.

Additionally, we’ve added a tooltip icon next to the Cost column to inform Employees of all the results of changing the cost on the Order.

Depending on the Item Types included in the Sales Order, the cost will display differently.

  • Item cost can be edited or updated for Items that are Inventory, Non-Inventory, and Service type Items as those are the only Items being loaded on the Purchase Order that is being created from the Sales Order.
  • Item Groups and Manufactured Items will display as a static label since they have a cost, but are not being loaded on the Purchase Order created from the Sales Order.
  • Fixed Assets and Discount Items do not have a cost, so they will not display cost information.

When creating the Purchase Order from the Sales Order, you’ll see the costs that have been changed will carry over from the Sales Order to display accordingly on the PO.

  • Item costs can be edited from an Invoice, but will not store the cost at the Invoice level.

Set To Be Printed at Customer Level for Sales Orders & Invoices

We’ve added the option to set the default for a Customer whether to automatically set a Sales Order or Invoice To Be Printed.

  • This option is located in the Financial widget on the Customer Dashboard.

  • There are three options for this setting:

    • Yes: Selecting Yes will ensure that when the Customer is selected on a Sales Order or Invoice, the To Be Printed checkbox will be checked automatically.
    • No: Selecting No will ensure that when the Customer is selected on a Sales Order or Invoice, the To Be Printed checkbox will NOT be checked automatically.
    • None: This option will use the existing logic which remembers your last To Be Printed preference from the last Sales Order or Invoice that you created.
  • If an Invoice or Sales Order is copied, the To Be Printed checkbox will be selected based on the original Sales Order or Invoice configuration, not based on this setting. The same applies to Sales Orders or Invoices created from a template.

Preferred Shipper at the Customer Level

We’ve added the option to set the default Shipper for a Customer. This will designate the preferred Shipper which will be pre-selected when creating a Sales Order or an Invoice in the Ship Via drop-down field.

  • This setting is located in the “Other” widget on the Customer Dashboard.
    • Shipper options are determined by the Shipping Method settings established in your Striven system.

  • If you create a copy from an existing Sales Order or Invoice where the Ship Via is not set, the Customer-level preference will be pre-selected.
  • The same would apply to a Sales Order or Invoice created from a template where the Ship Via is not selected.

Items Search

There’s a new search option available when adding Items to Sales Orders, Invoices, and Sales Receipts. This new feature will allow you to search for Items by Item Name, Description, Manufacturer Part #, Category, or Item Type.

  • This feature is available on the Items header by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

  • If there are more than 10 results, there will be a Load More button.
  • You can select the Items to add to the Sales Order, Invoice, or Sales Receipt by checking the box associated with the Item and click the Add button which will close the search popup.
  • You can also choose to Add & Select More to add the selected Items but maintain the search to enable you to add more Items.

If you have Line Item Grouping enabled in your Striven system, you will also have an option to add selected Items to an existing group or create a new group.

Custom Fields Updates

Custom Field Section Description

There is an added description field in the Edit Section popup for Custom Fields. When you click the Edit button, you will see that in addition to the Title field for the Custom Field Section, there is a field to enter a description of what the section is used for, directions for filling out the Custom Fields, or to identify what kind of information is being gathered there.

  • This new Description field will convert URLs to hyperlinks for quick access to documents, websites, etc.

  • The Custom Field Section Description will display above the Custom Fields in the section while viewing or creating a task within Striven.
  • This new field is for internal purposes and will not display in the read-only mode or in the Customer/Vendor/Career Portals.

Item Custom Fields for Formats

Striven has been updated to allow the use of Custom Fields as Custom Columns in the Items section of the various formats within the system. With the exception of encrypted Custom Fields and attachments, all other Item Custom Fields are available for use on all seven format types.

  • To create Custom Columns using the Custom Fields, you must first create the Custom Fields under the Items entity in the Custom Fields Settings.

  • These Custom Fields will display in the Available Columns area of the Items section in your formats for you to drag/drop where you would like them to display on the format.

Expense Custom Fields at the Global Level

We have made it possible for subscribers to configure Custom Fields for expenses at the global level.

  • To utilize this feature, you will need to create Custom Fields under the Expense Reimbursements entity in the Custom Fields Settings so they are available globally.

Once created, you can enter the responses to the Custom Fields as needed when adding an expense.

  • The Custom Fields related to expenses have been made available for use in Payroll Files as well.

Tasks Updates

Slide Task Due Dates in a Milestone

We’ve added a new feature to Tasks that will be a great time-saver! You will now have the ability to adjust Task Due Dates in Milestones in bulk. The Adjust Task Dates option is located in the kebab menu on the right side of a Milestone.

From this menu popup you will be presented with two options:

  • Slide Due Dates of Open Tasks Under this Milestone
    • This option provides the ability to slide the Due Date forward/backward (positive/negative) by however many days you choose.
    • You will also be given the option to change the Start Date.
  • Set Due Date of Open Tasks without Due Dates
    • This option allows you to select either the Milestone End Date as the Due Date for Tasks within the Milestone that do not already have Due Dates set, or you can select a custom date to set as the Due Date.
    • Note: This will enter a Due Date for all Tasks without set Due Dates within the Milestone - you will not be able to select particular Tasks that have no Due Date to change in bulk this way.

Additionally, changing the End Date of a Milestone will provide these Slide Due Date options as well.

Schedule Appointment Enhancements

Schedule Appointment Link Icon on Employee Cards

There’s a new icon on the Employees List and on the Employee Info Card that links to the Schedule Appointment page. The Employee must have their Schedule Appointment Link configured in their My Info page for this new icon to be available. This addition will be useful for quick access to making an appointment with a fellow Employee.

Schedule Appointment Link Merge Field in Multi-touch Campaigns

There is now a merge field available in Multi-touch campaign emails to include a Schedule Appointment Link in the email message. This link will use the Schedule Appointment Link information of the Employee from which the Multi-touch email is configured to be sent.

Inventory Enhancements

Build Status Updates

We’ve made some changes to the Build Statuses for Items. Striven now has a new Build Status called Incomplete, which is a non-posting, non-validating status.

We’ve also changed the Pending status to a non-posting, but validating status, which means that all quantities will be validated and this will affect the quantity available for the Items involved.

Based on these changes, there’s a new button on the Item Build Creation Page called Save as Pending. The Save, Save & Close, and Save & Add New buttons will all save a build in an Incomplete status.

  • Once a build is saved in Pending status, the Save button will continue with the validations and keep the Pending status of the build.
  • If you save a build without entering a Qty to Build, the build will save in Incomplete status. If you want to save an Incomplete build as Pending, you will need to enter a Qty to Build.

Updates to Quantity Available

Based on the aforementioned Build Status updates, there will now be a new column displayed on the Inventory Stock Status Report for On Pending Builds. This will display the quantity of an Item that is currently accounted for in a Pending Build. The purpose of this column is to give you a more accurate view of your inventory by including those Items allocated for Builds that are in Pending status.

The computation between the Quantity On Hand, On Purchase Orders, On Sales Orders, and On Pending Builds will correspond to the quantity in the Available column.

Diamond Menu Addition

The following addition has been added to the Striven Diamond Menu:

  • Schedule Support: provides the option to schedule a brief appointment with a Striven Support Specialist to discuss a task or request.

API Additions

The following API additions have been added with this release:

  • Add Payment processing to Payment POST
  • Sales Order Format download
  • Invoice Format download
  • POST v1/Projects/Search
  • GET v1/Projects/{id}
  • GET v1/projects/{id}/hub/content-groups
  • POST v1/projects/{id}/hub/content-groups/{groupId}/documents
  • POST v1/projects/{id}/hub/documents?groupId={groupId}

Security Updates

Please review your User Roles in Striven and adjust for the following new permissions if needed:

  • Expenses Data Set - Export
  • Expenses Data Set - API Access
  • Expenses Data Set
  • Update Item Cost from Invoices and Sales Orders
  • Webhook Execution Log Data Set - API Access
  • Webhook Execution Log Data Set - Export
  • Webhook Execution Log Data Set

Report Builder Additions

There are 2 new Dataset additions in this release:

  • Webhook Execution Log Dataset
  • Expenses Dataset

Hub Updates

The following file extensions have been added to the list of accepted file types in Hub:

  • .kit
  • .dwg
  • .dxf

1099 Export Enhancements

This release includes the ability to export 1099 by Classes if you’re running more than one company in Striven and need this information separated.

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