I want to start using Online Banking. How do I link my accounts?

I want to start using Online Banking. How do I link my accounts?

You can link your accounts by first enabling Online Banking in the Settings. You can then click the Add Accounts button to search for the bank or credit card account you’d like to add, then use your existing online banking credentials to link the account with Striven. Please reference our Integrations Implementation Guide to learn more about enabling Online Banking.

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When setting up online banking, it doesn’t seem to pull historical data from the banking feed information or offer to pull data backwards (based on data). I just set it up and no data came in, but I don’t believe there were any transactions dated today (pulled it early this morning). It would be beneficial if during this initial set-up, the user was given an option to have historical data pulled based on a date range of the bank feed data. Or is that possible and I just missed it?

It would also be nice if there was a tool to import or upload bank transactions into a queue to review, edit and import into a Striven bank register when the online banking doesn’t automatically pull in the data (especially with a bank that disconnects all the time because of authentication issues).

The Yodlee interface will automatically request the last 60 days of transaction in the account. I have noticed that if the transactions were downloaded Earlier either by another software or another Striven instance they will not download a second time.

Thank you!