Accounting Migration Guide - Prerequisites & Migration Practices


Before you start importing your Accounting data to your Striven system, there are steps that require attention first. You will need to have the following information already saved in your Striven system:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Items

This data can be imported using our Striven Import Tool. For more info related to importing data to Striven, visit our Import Management Guide.

Migration Practices

It is highly recommended that you perform an Opening Balance Migration when migrating your Accounting data into Striven. This will ensure your financial details and balances are established as of a certain date, known as a Cutover Date.

It is also advisable to perform a Historical Data Migration if you wish to reference the historical financial details from your legacy system.

For more details about the Prerequisites and Migration Practices for an Accounting Migration to Striven, you can review our Striven Accounting Migration Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Accounting related topics.

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