Import General Ledger Transaction Using Queue Link Online Banking

In the event, banking feeds don’t work or I’m trying to enter historical transactions into General Ledger, it is a huge hassle to have to format my import file with very specific Chart of Account labeled categories. I have had it fail many times, especially when I have subcategories in my Chart of Accounts. If you had a queue similar to the Online Banking feature, where a user could load the Date of Transactions, Description, Amount, and offsetting account (ie. expense category) for banking transactions, it would seem a more efficient way then to go through and using Striven’s drop-down list in the queue to categorize these transactions rather than copy and paste the COA categories out of Striven into the import file.

Good Morning @smbiz

Thank you for this suggestion. As you mentioned you can currently create Journal entries to import and would require that the Gl account hierarchy be listed in the import file.

I will create a future feature for the ability to import into the online banking Que to have the ability to associate or create new transactions from the Que.

Thank you