How to Create a Schedule Block Calendar

Striven asked me to share how I created this Calendar that offers customers the ability to schedule appointments based on a “Schedule Block” which does not require us to send out multiple links.

  1. Create an empty calendar

  2. Add one filterable item “appointments which filters by Attendees, Type, Status

  3. Create a “Non system user” that will hold the place for all the appointment types you don’t want offered.

  4. image

  5. Create appointment for the times you do not want people to book on. For example we only want people to book on the hour so we don’t loose appointment windows that cause appointments to run into our lunch hour. I put a 15 minute non-appointment type that reoccurs every hour that I offer the appointment for.

  6. We offer a 9,10,11,2 and 3 pm programming slot.

  7. Calendar looks like this

  8. Then I created the links for the people who work the retail store. Set the hours that apply and have them pick a time slot that applies. At this current time it only offer times when everyone is free so it doesn’t leave the counter short when someone is busy but we sometimes remove or take someone off when someone is on vacation for a long period of time to not inconvenience our customers.

  9. The appointment time is set for 45 mins so that it does not let them book not on the hour mark. If you wanted 30 min

  10. image

  11. We have another calendar that includes Appointment types that are color coded

  12. image

  13. To take this one step further we use workflow to send the link to our customers.

  14. image

  15. We have these emails sit in a que and my retail store team sends them out when the parts come in. We have it trigger from the approved quote type and then it sits until we have the parts in hand.

  16. I use this same format for when schedule candidate interviews or when two managers need to schedule a meeting and want to give 3 – 4-time options I just fill in the blanks for “scheduling block”. This allows flexibility with scheduling but not having to send out 3 or 4 private links to someone to choose from or them book on the 15-minute mark that take time away from another customer.

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Thank you for putting in the effort on this. I’m sure we’ll use some or all of it.

I’m experimenting with using UseMotion for AI task scheduling (life tasks, not Striven “Tasks”) and Calendly style appointment scheduling. UseMotion syncs with Google Calendar and Striven syncs with Google calendar, so by transitive property, Striven syncs with UseMotion. So far, it actually looks like it does it very well. I also added an IFTTT automation that allows me to verbally add tasks to UseMotion.

“Hey Google… add a task to check out the Striven Community by the end of the week. It should take 2 hours.” A few minutes later, it’s on my Striven calendar.

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Hello, Ashley! (@AshleyCrest)

Thank you so much for this contribution to our Community! Sharing this process with the Striven Community is extremely valuable, and we love to see our customers utilizing Striven in so many creative and productive ways. :slight_smile:

Hi, Darin! (@DBricker)

Thank you for sharing that great information about using Striven with AI and UseMotion. As AI continues to advance and is integrated with Striven in more scenarios, we would love to hear the other ways that you and others utilize AI with Striven to enhance your productivity!