Creating My Calendar

Striven Calendars provide the ability to create multiple Calendars with different Events on them, so when you come to the Calendar page for the first time, by default the system creates a Calendar for you called My Calendar. This will include different Events like Appointments, Time Off, and Holidays.

Example of My Calendar Default Settings

Each of these Events are pre-configured with filters with what makes sense for the Type of Event they are. For example, for Appointments it’s going to show Scheduled and Done Appointments in which you are an Attendee.

You can add more Events as needed, or modify these Events according to how you want them configured. These can even be designated by color for an at-a-glance identification of the Event. These can also be identified by the Event icons next to the Event name. Such Event options include Tasks, Sales Orders, Opportunities, Projects, Milestones, Invoices, Bills, and more.

Example of Various Calendar Events

Striven provides the ability to filter the Calendar by Events within a Calendar to narrow the view to specific elements. An example of this would be filtering the Calendar by Appointments, Tasks, etc.
This is accomplished by clicking on the Event label which will remove all other Events from the Calendar view until the filter is cleared.

Filtering Events on Calendar

For more in depth information about your Striven Calendar, visit our Striven Calendar Guide.

I just had a client try and use my calendar link to schedule an appointment and it said no appointments were available until the following month. It’s the end of April–I have several open times during May, even open days, but it showed my only availability didn’t start until May 30th. Does anybody know what’s going on?

Hi @smbiz I will create a task for you so can look into this request further. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the future, it is recommended to create a task for any support questions you may have in order to get the quickest response possible. You can simply send an email to and this will create a task for you!

For your convenience, I went ahead and created a task for you from this post. Thank you!

Good Afternoon @smbiz,

on the calendar you share the link from do you have an event or task that span several days on the calendar?

An event or task that spans a full days or several days will block the calendar form from allowing appointments over that span.

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