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Need a feature on the Scheduling Appointment settings that external appointments can’t be scheduled without enough notice or too much notice. For example, if I have availability on my calendar, but want to limit someone from using my external appointment link to schedule the same day but with a minimum notice of 2 hours. Or, in the case of a maximum notice, I don’t want someone using my external appointment link to schedule more than a week out or a month out.

Here’s some other features I’ve seen other calendar applications use as rules that would be beneficial as well:

  • Rescheduling Policy: Whether or not users can reschedule meetings they book with you.
    Up to X Hours before meeting

  • Maximum meetings per day: Limit the number of meetings you can be booked for in one day.
    Allow up to x meetings per day

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So I have calendar for my store where I only let them book on the hour and have block offs so they can’t book during lunch. This limits to 5 appointments per day and allows the use of only one link to be shared. I use a non system user to create the calendar block offs and uses my schedule for availability. Agree some more settings are needed but if you want to limit slots we just make them available on the hour and block off the difference and only allow 5 and it works great.

I can send my calendar settings If you want to see it.



Thanks for the reply and meeting showing your use of a non-system user calendar, Ashley. I will share our meeting video. Appreciate your willingness to share how Striven Calendar helps organize your schedule!