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I was wondering if Striven is going to be adding an AI generator for any area that requires writing, i.e. product/service descriptions, outgoing task emails, Email blast, workflows, etc.


Hello, Russell! (@russellmurray)

That is an excellent question! I can certainly see how an AI integration could be beneficial. This could be submitted as a Future Feature Request, if you would like to submit one! I do not believe there are any current plans to integrate AI with Striven, but I would be happy to put this on our team’s radar for you. :slight_smile:

Please let me know how I can best assist you!


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I would like to see this added well.

Using my Wonderchat application, I was able to create a separate AI bot called “Striven”. The Wonderchat AI learned from Striven’s 500+ page website.

I created a link from the custom AI chatbot, and made a bookmark within in Striven. Now my employees can ask the STRIVEN AI CHATBOT a question and get an answer.


This is a great example of how AI can help employees find what they are looking for more easily.

A native feature in Striven that can help with this would be discussion templates. While not generated on demand they can be used to store template text to send out to clients that can be easily personalized for each use.

Another solution that would use an outside program could be checking out Grammarly and the Chrome Plug-in. Most of the text fields in Striven will have the Grammarly icon pop up in the bottom right and will check for grammar errors in addition to allowing you to choose the tone, and get AI generated messages as well.

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