Striven Community

I like to see this Striven Community as a widget so it is more noticeable to other Striven users. I think it would benefit the users and Striven if more users see topics and feature request. So we can get features added that may benefit more users without one user haven to pay 100% of the cost if other users would like the same feature and feels they would benefit too. I see very little use by other Striven users. I feel I should not have to login to this site if I’m already login into my Striven. It just make the site more hassel to use when you have to remember another password.

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for the feedback. We’ll definitely keep something like this in mind as our community is growing. :slight_smile:

I’ve spent just a couple of days in the Community and already I’ve seen several stand out API and workflow ideas that I will surely implement once we are fully implemented. After 2+ years, however, the Community is a hidden gem to the vast number of users. Most platform Communities I’ve experienced are full of complaints and wish lists for new capabilities within the platform. The system I’m coming from is thousands and thousands of angry posts about broken promises and broken accounting. I see Striven’s Community as a place for users to share customizations and workflows that help their businesses, and can help others. From what I’ve seen, Striven’s ability to be customized in nearly every way holds it far above most ERPs, but the power of the workflow and leveraging the API make it a clear stand out in the space.

Sure, people will take their shots at things that simply don’t make sense. For example, having Quotes and Sales Orders be the same transaction, only delineated by status, without a generic name, like Job or Ticket, being available that would be less confusing to users and customers, is a thorn in my paw. That is the nature of giving everyone a voice. Not all voices need to be, or for that matter, should be heard, but that is up to the reader to determine.

There definitely needs to be an effort to increase the awareness of the Community. The widget idea is a perfect one. It could be as simple as a counter of new posts with an indicator until the users find, and begin to utilize the amazing tool. Once a steady stream of new content is rolling in, added functionality, like saved search terms would be ideal.

The very next step would be to make a way for users to share their best Workflows with each other in the community. They are nothing but a string of triggers, filters and actions. There is probably an easy way to share those ideas within the community beyond a list of screen shots. I recently started using to show people in our organization how to perform digital tasks, which is great for me, but I bet there is a way to export/import Workflows that wouldn’t be much of a level of effort.

Hi Darin,

Thank you for your feedback! I have created a task for you and will keep you updated as I work to find a solution.

Have a great day :slight_smile: