Looking for a particular discussion?

It’s not always easy to find a particular Discussion thread in an extensive Discussions List. We recognize that Striven Discussions have become a very popular and important feature used by our subscribers. With that in mind, we are planning a feature update in Q2 of 2022 to include a search option for Discussions.

What kind of search features/options/filters would you like to see incorporated in this update? We want your feedback! Let us know by leaving a comment below!

It would be nice if you could create folders or tag discussions you need to follow up on like you can with email. This way you can always retrieve a discussion you need to follow up on. I know you have label but you still can pull read discussion unless you run a report.

Hey Chris, I can definitely see how that would be useful. Do you think if you can create labels for discussions and add and remove them right from the discussions list would be helpful in this regard? Also being able to then search by those labels or filter by them may help accomplish your goal as well. What are your thoughts?

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It would be nice if you could have folders or groups here. It would be nice if you could do the following:

  1. Flag a discussion you need to follow up so the don’t disappear.
  2. Have folders or groups you could follow up.
  3. 3 A widget in the customer folder that would track all discussions for a customer.
  4. We create multiple tasks/work orders for projects. There could be 5 to 30 workers with discussion it would be nice have all these discussions show up in the project board so you don’t have to hunt down the work order it was originally on.
  5. Have a search screen on the discussion screen to search for a discussion. So you not have leave and run a report.

This is where I would like to see the folders or groups and have the search screen.

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It would also be nice if the system could keep track of discussion(s) you send out that your waiting for answers on. Maybe a check box and then you can search all discussion you created that you’re waiting for replies with answers on.


Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for your feedback. :slight_smile: As for how you can keep track of discussions you are waiting on replies for, you could possibly use labels for this currently. Just wanted to give you a solution you might find useful now. :slight_smile:

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The discussion still disappear off the screen once a read even if you attach a label to it.

Hi Chris,

With the discussions list, unread discussions will always appear at the top. Maybe this is why your discussions disappear after viewing? It may be at the bottom of the list after the unread messages. Archiving discussions as well is a helpful way to keep the list clean with discussions that you are still working on or waiting on replies for.

Being able to mark something unread would be very useful and used along with labels I think would correct a lot of the discussions above. I like the ideas of fixing the discussions and this is definitely something that we have been wanting as well!

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Welcome @dustin to Striven Community :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your suggestion on how to make our Discussion more useful to Striven Users. Have a great day!

I understand unread Discussions are are at the top this why I like the ability to mark it unread. There are times you receive a discussion that requires more time than you have to complete what a discussion ask or you’re checking it from a mobile device “Like check a quote or review a project etc.” by marking unread it will stay at the top as a reminder to handle. When you receive 20 or more discussion a day in a busy service company it’s easy to forget to follow back up on a discussion that has disappeared from the screen.

Hi @chriscrest

Great idea! Being able to mark certain discussions as unread would allow you to keep them at the top of the list and therefore at the top of your attention for when you are ready to reply.

You can also archive your discussions to keep the list with the most important discussions. This may help as well.

Thanks so much for your suggestions. :slight_smile: