Are you receiving too many email notifications from your Striven System?

streamline notifications

Have you heard? :slightly_smiling_face: In Q4 we are looking to streamline Notifications from Striven to lighten the load in your email inbox. We plan to give users more control of their subscriptions and notifications.

So, currently users are:

  • Able to opt out of Appointment Notifications and Buzz Posts
  • Allowed to subscribe to Time Off and Expenses Notifications for people in their hierarchy
  • Able to manage what kind of updates they want to receive for tasks

We’d like to know what other options you would like to have available related to subscriptions and notifications.

Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions and feedback!

Thought- Could when a particular label being applied trigger a notification for a person assigned to it?

This would keep your discussion box from flooding team members by tagging them and easily visible in reports and not having to do both.

For example - ready to bill be assigned to accounting and it email those applied to.
Parts need to be ordered
job ready to schedule
Which are three different departments. This would make the system more automatic and take advantage of the great labeling feature.

Also adding labels to the quotes that behave the same way like you can on discussions so you can follow them in reports without having to use so many custom fields.

We use Tasks and Discussions for our emails to customers. Every time there is a response, we get a new Task notification. This clutters up our inbox and we miss important new messages. It would be nice if these could be grouped.
Also, the "your opportunity it knocking’ notifications are not applicable to us. We would like to turn them off.

Hi Ashley,

These are some great ideas. One thing that we have coming up is a Multi-Touch Revamp which will include actions such as triggering notifications based on certain information. I believe we will also be including task information within these as well which may help you accomplish your goal. We will be working on this later this year, so definitely stay tuned!

Hi Aksb2021,

Thanks so much for the suggestion. A possible solution you could implement now is email rules within your inbox. This can help you instantly archive these emails so they do not clutter up your inbox if they are not applicable to your processes. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the suggestions. As I mentioned to Ashley in my replies to this discussion, you could set up email rules to instantly archive the Opportunity notices that are not applicable to your process. This will help instantly clear up your inbox. :slight_smile: