Creating a Task in Striven from an Email

Striven has a handy feature to make creating Tasks even easier for your Customers, Employees, and Contacts.

When configuring your Task Type settings, you will have the option to create an email address that will automatically generate a Task within your Striven system.

It is highly recommended to use your Striven System’s name in the email address to ensure a unique address.

You can also create and manage exemptions so that Tasks are not created when an email has a specific text string in the "FROM” email address, email Subject line, or in the body of the email. For example, you could exclude emails from a specific domain like, or emails that contain such words as “Act Fast” or “Sweepstakes”, which can be safe bets are often Spam emails.

This feature gives your Contacts a quick and easy way to submit a Task directly to your Striven system, while filtering out Spam or Junk emails to avoid cluttering up your Task List.

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact the Striven Support Team! :slightly_smiling_face:

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