Upcoming Hub Revamp!

Here’s some exciting news! Striven has a Hub Revamp scheduled for Q3 of 2022 and we want your feedback!!

Striven’s Hub is already such a useful feature for storing files, documents, and links in a central location with security and accessibility settings to keep your data safe.

So, what sort of features or options would you like to see implemented in the revamp? Let us know in the comments! :slight_smile:

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I would like to be able to find things from the main customer dash board. If we create a hub on a project and than need to refer back to it we have to go back to the project. I would like to go to the customer dash board and know any thing and everything that is under this customers account. It would be nice to have a hub Widget that would show you any Hubs created for customer any where in the software.

Hi Chris,

In your suggestion, do you mean having the customer’s hub available on the customer’s dashboard? Or also include any hubs related to projects, orders, etc available from the dashboard as well? Such as filtering the widget based on what hub contents you would like to see?

I would like to be able to find any hub documents no matter how they were created in the software for a customer. I believe the best way to do this is to have a Widget on the customer dash board that shows all hubs no matter were the were created in the software.

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Hi Chris,

I can definitely understand how easily accessing your customer documents when needed would be helpful. Thanks so much for your ideas. :slight_smile:

How about a widget on the customer/vendor dashboard with quick access to the customer/vendor hub docs. Maybe it could include the main hub as well as any attachments to any orders/bills that specific customer has attached to their orders/bills.

Hi Dustin, great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

You need to be able to reorganize the collateral within a hub category… (referencing your image at the top of the thread) if I wanted to create a folder in Customer Contacts and then move the existing collateral that’s in that hub category, to my knowledge I have to click on each individual item and click through several steps to relocate it. It’ would be nice if I could simply drag and drop those items into new or existing folders as my collateral grows in a particular hub or hub category.

It would also be good as a “share” feature that users can share hub collateral with non-user simply because they have been given the link (like you can in google drive).

Hi @smbiz

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. I can understand how being able to reorganize hub contents and folders across the customer would be helpful. We will make sure to consider this as we work on this new design. :slight_smile:

  1. It would be extremely helpful to be able to email documents to customer contacts from within the HUB.
  2. To be able to drag/drop attachments from one section of the Customer Portal i.e. TASKS attachments to the HUB without downloading the attachment to the desktop and then uploading to the HUB.

Thank you @russellmurray for these great suggestions! Please keep on sharing ideas that will help us improve our processes. Have a great day!

I agree a lot of wasted time.

We frequently duplicate projects. It would be nice if the hub of the new projects would keep the folders of the parent project.



Welcome to Striven Community @Jeremyatcbg. Your suggestion is very interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep on sharing ideas that will help us improve our services and processes. Thank you again for your valued input.

I agree. I also think templates for hubs would be a nice feature so you can have a uniform look within the same type of data/area. And depending on the type of hub you would choose a certain template.

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I agree when copy you should have the option to copy everything for a project.

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Hi @AshleyCrest

I can definitely see how having a templated hub can be useful when storing data. Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi @chriscrest

I can see how copying everything for a project may be helpful in some cases. In your scenarios, would you copy certain sections and their contents from Hub to another project or the entire project’s Hub to the new project? I can see a use case for both options but am curious about how you would use this. :slight_smile:

I was was thinking more the folder layout. But I could also see a benifit to copy the content with doing a project for the same customer?

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Gotcha. Thanks so much for the clarification. :slight_smile: