Speed up Invoice Creation/Sales Order Updates

We have noticed the last few weeks that it seems that Striven is running slower than normal. Specifically:

  • When updating a sales order
  • When creating an invoice from a sales order

According to SpeedTest.net, my ethernet connection is 369.17 Mbps downstream and 10.49 Mbps upstream.

Anyone else experiencing this…

Good afternoon @JK-KCFireplace,

I have created a task to reach out to you regarding any lingering concerns this may have caused. We did experience some slowness last week in the areas where the item list is used. That concern is still being worked on. I also wanted to let you know that improvements to the response of these areas are being improved in the upcoming update. Thank you for all that you contribute to our Striven Community I will reach out through the created task to make sure we get this concern fully addressed for you.

Yes. Performance has been slow for us since last week. It effects list loading also and our internet is performing correctly also.

Our development team has been working on a solution to resolve the recent system slowness. There will be a feature upgrade next month in the release that should greatly improve performance in this regard. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we manage this temporary performance interruption.

Same here. Seems to be better this week.

Good Morning @Adam ,

Thank you for that update! We have been working diligently to resolve this. :slight_smile: