Single Sign On vs. Username & Password

Creating a username and password is an effective way to access Striven, but there are some benefits to using the Single Sign On (SSO) options available. One of the obvious advantages is having one less password you will need to remember. Using the SSO is basically re-using Sign On credentials you probably already have committed to memory. Another

If you happen to have access to multiple Striven systems, as would a Striven Partner, Accountant, or a Subscriber with multiple companies, using the SSO option provides a quick and easy way to switch between the different accounts.

For example, if you are a CPA and your clients’ financial data is managed using a Striven account, signing on to each client’s system using the SSO option will allow you to switch between the separate accounts using the Open Company option found on your Profile menu.

Example of the Open Company Option on the Profile Menu

Clicking on the Open Company option will trigger a new browser tab to open displaying a list and search option for all of the accounts to which you have access using the SSO. From that page you can select the account you wish to access and be automatically signed on.

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Example of the Open Company Page

  • Notes for using SSO:
    • If using the Google SSO option, the email address entered into the Employee record must match the Google account the Employee is using to sign on to Striven. The same applies to the Microsoft/Outlook SSO option.
    • If the Employee chooses to sign on using one of the SSO options, they will not be able to later create a username and password to sign on.
    • If a password reset is required when using one of the SSO options, it must be done through the Google or Microsoft account, not the password reset option on the Striven Sign On page.

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