Quote Expiration Dates

If there is a way to set quotes expiration dates for Quotes that are sent in the portal. This way customer’s can not approve old quotes where the pricing may need to be revised.

How is the request being accomplished now & how did they use to do it before in what system(s)?
Its not

Why do I need this: Cause pricing increases all the time and most quotes from distributors are only valid for 30 days or while supplies last.

How often does the concern in your request occur?

Attempted solutions
No idea how to over come this currently outside manually canceling quotes

Why do you need this request? (Go VERY DEEP)
I would put this in a want not need category however I would say it would make striven more automated and it would prevent accounting errors and quotes being accepted if the price increases. This allows quotes to be processed in workflow without the need of a project manager or sales person to “oversee” these errors. To take this a step further and allow customer to “request” updated pricing or revised quote that would be even nicer.

Besides the general confusion, I believe this is one of the biggest drawbacks of having one document function as both Quote and Sales Order. There may be a way to use a workflow to change the status of a Quote/Sales Order from “Quoted” to “Canceled” once it hit a certain age, but I’m not sure if the status is enough to keep a customer from changing the status to “Approved” after that. I’ve not gotten into it deep enough yet.

This is a good Idea. I will play with that. I would also like Target date to be more of a “span” off approval verse a random date you estimate. If a customer sits on a quote for 2 weeks before approving and we are saying our “target date” is a week out this field is non functional.

On work orders I wish you could set the hours as time specific vs span off creation. Most of us don’t work late shifts and if we use work flows to create work orders the types are wrong. It would be nice to say an 8 Hour budget work order should always be 8 - 4:30 pm or something along those lines.