Job Pick Ticket/Transfer

Looking to see if some type of trigger or system that you “create a pick ticket” from the quote or project that copies all the parts to a check list, you mark what parts are pulled and allocated to that job and the system keeps track of what parts are pulled from inventory and puts them in a “staging” or job warehouse. We are doing this manually for every job but I was thinking if the system had a trigger similar to how it works with item builds or Pos that generates the list and then lets you allocate those parts where they are you can see how much is allocated to jobs/installed not billed vs in your warehouse more accurately.

Greetings @AshleyCrest ,

Thank you for your suggestion of this Future Feature request. The Striven team will review this request and contact you with any questions or updates on the status as your request moves through the review process. :slight_smile:

That is one of the hurdles I’ve been trying to overcome as well. Performing an inventory transfer to a ‘Staged’ warehouse for every order seemed cumbersome, and without the item list attributed to tasks, it makes it require more clicking than I would prefer.

Having the ability to allocate items to tasks in a meaningful way would maintain a clearer inventory, would prevent printing of sales orders for pick tickets, and/or keep warehouse and install techs from needing to jump out of their task to see what they need. With orders that require multiple installation stages, being able to allocate items to specific tasks during the task creation (manually and via workflows) would be a big step in the right direction.

Currently, I’m attempting to use custom reports, Airtable, Zapier or Make, and Jotform to come up with an automated workaround.