Accounting Migration Guide - General Ledger Balances

When you’ve finished creating your Tax Adjustments and verifying your Sales Tax Payable account balances, you should move on to importing your General Ledger account balances into Striven. This can be accomplished using Journal Entries to ensure that each account has the correct Ending Balance from your legacy system and is offset using the account Opening Balance Equity.

Similarly to how other imports were configured for this migration, you will need to prepare an import file for the Journal Entries that will migrate your open GL Account balances to Striven. You can find the Journal Entries Import page by navigating to Accounting → Recurring Transactions → Journal Entries.

From there you can click on the Import Journal Entries button and follow the same steps as you did for other imports by using the Generate Sample File option to include the necessary columns. Be sure to set the proper Source Mapping for your column headers when performing the import.

For a more detailed overview of this process, visit the Performing an Opening Balance Migration section of our Accounting Migration Guide and scroll down to the section for General Ledger Balances. You may also want to browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Accounting related topics.