How to Bulk Import/Upload Products on Striven

I have tried a few times to import inventory lists from Woocommerce into Striven. Matching all collumns etc. I still get an error. Can anyone assist? A step by step would be nice. I tried to follow all the references in the help pages but still doesnt work. Im sure its something simple.

Thank you for your Post!! @lnsoaps

It is important to understand that Data can have large Variations from one system to another. Here is a link to the Items-Management User Guide
Another Great link for review is the Import Management User Guide

A great place to start is by generating a Sample File from the items import page.

This will open the Import Mapping page. Here it will identify Mandatory fields and provide important information about the fields and any important formatting information that may be needed for importing.

For items to be imported it is important to have your chart of accounts setup in Striven as one of the things that you can import is the General Ledger account that the item will be pointing to when it is sold or purchased.

If you could provide the error message you are getting it can help us identify what might be the issue.

Since Data imports are very specific to the System they are coming from it might be best to reach out to our support team through one of the Following options.


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Thank you for such helpful information