How to modify your default Customer/Vendor type in CRM settings

How to modify your default customer type in Striven

Use these steps to navigate to your CRM settings and update the Default Customer Type. The same basic steps can also be used to update your Default Vendor Type.

Date: August 29, 2022
Author: Brian Rutledge
Source: Tango

1. Type "CRM Settings" into the Striven Search bar

The Striven Search bar is always in the center-top portion of Striven, no matter what page you are on.

2. Click on CRM Settings in the search results to navigate to the proper settings page

3. Click on "Customer Creation Layout"

Or, if you want to modify you default Vendor type, click on "Vendor Creation Layout" instead.

4. Select "Individual" or "Business" by clicking the radio button beside the option you want

For more information on the difference between these two, see the following explainer post from the Striven Community.

5. Click the Close button once you have made your selection

6. Click on the Save button

Scroll down, it's at the bottom of this settings page.

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