How To Create Custom Fields in Striven

Custom fields are a great way to track additional information in many shapes and forms. Whether it is more information to add to your customer profiles, or even your sales orders and tasks, there’s a multitude of goals you can accomplish with the use of custom fields in Striven.

Creating Custom Fields

To add additional fields to store the information you will first want to navigate to your company settings. Within your company settings, you will then navigate on the side menu to Company - Customizations - Fields.

Once on the Custom Fields page, you will have the option to select from a drop-down menu.


Selecting from the drop-down menu available, you will then be prompted with the custom field sections for the selected entity.


By default, there will be a section that is ready to be filled with custom fields called the “Additional Info” section. Clicking the plus sign within the section will allow you to create new custom fields.


There are many different options on how you wish to store the data within the custom field you are creating such as alphanumeric, date and time field, a list selection, and more. Depending on the field type, additional options will be available such as field encryption, logging audit changes, etc.


Learn more about the different types of custom fields available as well as the configuration options by viewing our Custom Fields Guide on Also, check out the options to add custom fields at type levels, such as sales order types, opportunity types, and more by clicking here.

What are some ways your company has adopted custom fields to store additional information in Striven?