How do I remove Portal access from my Customers?

To remove Portal Access for your customers in bulk, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reports - Report Builder

  2. Create a new report using the Customer/Vendor Contacts Dataset
    create report removing portal access

  3. Click on “Add Filters” and filter your report for the contacts for which you wish to remove Portal Access

    a. Recommended Filters would be the following:
    i. Customer/Vendor Account Types is Equal To Customer
    ii. Contact has Access to Portal is Equal To Yes

  4. Add the following Columns
    a. Contact ID
    b. Customer/Vendor ID
    c. Contact First Name
    d. Contact Last Name
    e. Customer/Vendor Name
    f. Contact Has Access To Portal

  5. Click Run Report

  6. Export the report using the “csv” option

  7. Update the following column names within the spreadsheet
    a. Change “Allow Access To Striven Partner Portal” to “No” for each contact listed
    b. Change “Contact First Name” to “First Name”
    c. Change “Contact Last Name” to “Last Name”

  8. Save the file as a .csv file type
    save file as csv

  9. In Striven go to Customers - Contacts

  10. On the Contacts List page click the “Import” button and choose “Contacts”

  11. Make sure the option is checked for “Update matching data”

  12. Upload the newly saved .csv file and click Next

  13. Make sure “Contact has Access to Portal” is mapped to “Allow Access to Striven Partner Portal” then click Next

  14. Click Finish on the next page that appears

  15. It is recommended to rerun the original report you had created in order to confirm the Portal Access for customer contacts

  16. If multiple associations were created for a contact, only one association may have been updated and others may need to manually be set to have no Portal Access

Keep in mind, if you ensure the checkbox for “Enable Striven Customer/Vendor Portal Access when Contacts are Added” is not checked, your Customer/Vendor Contacts will not be automatically provided with Portal access when they are added to your system.

This setting can be found by navigating to:
Company → Settings → Customers/Vendors → Portal → Settings

Hope you enjoyed this useful tip!! Please contact Striven Support for any questions or comment below :slightly_smiling_face: