Customer Portal Login Issues

If your Customer is having trouble logging into your Customer Portal, here are the steps you can take with your Customer to troubleshoot their issue.

  • Confirm the correct URL is being used:
  • Confirm the browser they are using is one of the following: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari.
    • Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser of Striven.
  • If your contact does not have access to the Portal, a Portal Role will need to be set, which is demonstrated here.
  • If the contact is still having trouble logging in, they can reset their password by using the “Forgot Password” feature, which is demonstrated here.

Since most login requests can be resolved with the above solutions, the Striven Support Team would like to empower you by providing these steps. This will allow for the quickest and easiest resolution for your Customer.

That being said, if none of the above did the trick, simply create a support task, and Striven Support will be happy to investigate further. :slight_smile: