Happy Retirement Multi Touch!


As you may have already heard, we have released our Workflows feature in Striven!

If you consider Multi-touch Campaigns as simple as a screwdriver, then think of Workflows as a robust utility tool! Workflows provide new options for automating processes and communication with Customers through Striven.

Having said that, the purpose of this Community Post is to remind everyone about the retirement of Multi-touch Campaigns! They’ve been working hard for our users for years and it’s finally time for them to step back and let the new feature take over. We hope that Workflows will be a powerful replacement to Multi-touch to expand on the various uses you’ve come to depend on for success.

The current retirement date for Multi-touch Campaigns is set to occur September 24, 2023. This means it is important that you prepare for this change earlier rather than later to ensure your campaigns are ready to go with Workflows before time runs out!

Should you have any questions about converting your Multi-touch Campaigns to Workflows, you can contact the Striven Support Team via Chat, by creating a Task, or scheduling a meeting for assistance.

We appreciate your loyal support and value our relationship with you. We are excited to continue to serve you going forward with this enhanced feature!

For more information regarding Workflows, you can reference our Striven Workflows Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Striven topics.

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