Custom Lists in Settings need to show what Custom Fields they are being used in

When making changes to a system setup, it’s easy to end up with unused lists that were replaced with updated or new lists. Old lists that proved to be in the wrong place or duplicates of other lists get ignored.

That is until you try to make a custom report and realize you have 5 very similar lists. Then, it would be GREAT to know which lists are used where and which lists were unused so you could save the back and forth and deactivate the unused lists. It’s too easy to have two similar lists for similar fields for different transactions or types and accidentally deactivate one you didn’t think was being used, only to find out it was being used elsewhere and you broke an existing data set and have to go digging through the deactivated wasteland to find it.

If you were the list that was sent to the Island of Misfit Lists, you’d be a little jilted when your user came looking for you and the information you’re still holding on to. Makes a list want to forget some things just to prove a point. Then you have to write an 80’s power ballad to get your list back.

As a workaround to this, I started a very detail naming regimen for my lists.

[transaction type] - [list type] - [list name]

That results in a lot more lists, many duplicates and many very similar. In this case, it would be incredible to be able to copy lists, instead of having to make each one from scratch.

That is a great workaround. Thank you for your participation in our community!