Company Setup Guide - Notification & Portal Content

Notification & Portal Content-2

The configuration of the settings for your Notification & Portal Content is important when establishing your Striven system. This element of the Company Settings will hold all of the emails, hyperlinks, SMS messages and Portal messages that are sent automatically from your system.

To view your Notification & Portal Content, navigate to Company → Settings → Company → Notification & Portal Content.

There you will find a list of all the content with category descriptions of what information each content type contains. You can search for specific content by Title, Content, or Type. Clicking on the Content Title links will open the Edit options for that content.

  • Note: Hyperlink Content cannot be edited as it is hard coded in the system.

You can edit the subject details and the body of email content, including font size, type, color, etc. as well as adding links, images, or merge fields to pull Striven data directly into the message.

  • Note: Merge fields availability is based on the particular content. Only merge fields available in the drop-down list will be accessible in the content of the notification.