Where do I edit my Transaction Notifications?

The Notification and Portal Content holds all of the emails, hyperlinks, and Portal messages that are sent automatically from your Striven system. It is a good idea to check into the Notification and Portal Content settings to see where these messages are located and what you can modify here. Within each email and Portal message, you can write you own content, as well as insert images and merge fields to suit your Company’s needs. Merge fields will automatically pull information from entities in Striven to eliminate manual entry and streamline communication with Contacts.

To view the Notification and Portal Content , you can use the Striven Search or navigate to Company → Settings → Company → Notification and Portal Content

Editing Notification Content

When you are done editing your content, don’t forget to click Save and Close.

There’s also an option to reset the content to default.

Comment below if you need more information about Notifications and Portal Content! :grinning: