Accounting Migration Guide - Reconciliation

When reconciling your accounts for the first time after performing an Accounting Migration to Striven, there are some recommended practices based on two (2) distinct scenarios. These scenarios are reconciling based on a mid-month migration, or an end of month migration.

Navigate to Accounting → Banking → Reconciliations to perform your first reconciliation in Striven. There are different steps to follow depending on the Cutover Date. For example, if you are performing a mid-month migration, it is recommended that you perform a split reconciliation. This means the first half of the migration month will be reconciled in your legacy system, and the second half will be reconciled in your Striven system. Details related to this, as well as end of month reconciliation can be found by visiting the Reconciliations section of the Accounting Migration Guide.

For more information regarding this topic, you can reference the Reconciliations section of our Striven Accounting Migration Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Accounting Setup topics.