Accounting Migration Guide - Post Migration

There are some important steps to follow once your Accounting data has been entered or imported into Striven. It is recommended that you verify your data to ensure the information was migrated accurately.

You’re also going to need to set a Closing Date once all your data has been verified. This will protect all the transactions from any further changes. To set a Closing Date, navigate to Company → Settings → Accounting → Settings. From this page, you will choose your Closing Date and save your changes.

It is important to protect your migration data so that it is not accidentally altered by unauthorized users. This can be accomplished by limiting the “Accounting Settings - Edit” permission to only those User Roles that should be authorized to make such changes.

For more information regarding this topic, you can reference the Post Accounting Migration section of our Striven Accounting Migration Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Accounting Setup topics.