Use Filters on Custom Reports

Are your reports loading too much data? Try more filters!

You can use filters to avoid loading unnecessary results, such as inactive or cancelled data. Yes, you can make a general report that pulls all kinds of data you might need, and then refine your search, but that isn’t the most productive or time-saving practice. Filtering out results that are not needed will make your reports load faster and minimize the need to refine your search.

Here are some helpful suggestions for filters to include when creating reports with Striven’s Report Builder.

  • Include a filter that will exclude deleted, deactivated, or cancelled results.
  • Unless these results are needed, always filter transaction queries for “Voided is Equal To No”.
  • Try to use date periods whenever possible.
  • For Tasks, use a filter to exclude On Hold or Cancelled Tasks
  • When searching for Projects, use filters to weed out the Cancelled Projects if those results are not required.
  • Try to be as specific as possible to avoid loading a high volume of irrelevant results.

Example of Specific Search Filters to Help Increase Report Loading Times & Cut Back on Unwanted Results

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Striven Support Team! :slight_smile:

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