Terms & Conditions Merge Field Not Rendering

I’m having to copy and paste my different T&C’s (I use 4 customized ones currently) into each print collateral rather than being able to use the merge field… anyone knows if it’s me or the system?

Good afternoon @smbiz I just did some testing in our test system and it seems to be working. Do you have time to jump on chat to look at this further?

Good Morning @smbiz, Thank you for bringing this to our community.

To set the Terms and Conditions for a Sales Order so it can be merged into a printable format you will need to make your Sales Order Type a Contract Managed Sales Order.

To do that you would for to Company>> Settings>> Accounting>> Sales Order>> Sales Order Types

Once there you will edit or create a new Sales Order Type.

Once on the Sales Order Information page, you can follow the print screen below to add the Terms and Conditions to the Sales Order.

Thank you for your contribution